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  1. Thank you! I'm still searching my emails for instructions, but I couldn't wait to let some people know about my character
  2. The slight twitching that came from his eyes were not noticeable to someone just standing there. It was down to the tiniest micrometer. It was noticeable to him though. The grey eyes stared at the mirror before closing slowly. Upon opening them, they shifted to a shade of dark blue before settling back to a piercing royal. Lifting his hand, he switched on his portable razor, and continued the process of cleaning the hair from his jawline and upper lip. He had enjoyed not having to shave his face over the past 4 weeks. It did take an extra few mins off of his day if he didn't have to con
  3. Hello people! I just wanted to drop in and say hello OOC before I make a post to let you know who my Character is! I'm Jon, and I work full time at a local Police Department. I'm also a full time Student and full time Dad! I do have time to write, so I would enjoy the interaction and release that comes with writing. Looking forward to going through training with you all.
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