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  1. Hi All, Do you all have a method of creating a character 'signature' graphic, have some templates or other resources I can leverage? My last RPG is used an image of an older (current) actor, but given I'm an ensign (human) I'd like to get something together that works better. Suggestions? Thank you, Steve
  2. Hi Everyone, I'm a long time RPG player (another RPG) with over a decade of experience. Started out as an ensign (of course) and worked my way up to captain of several ships and rear admiral over the course of a few missions. I'm looking for a robust, friendly RPG to join as either an engineer or back into a command slot. Steve
  3. I'll have to retrack my steps, but I went to the cadet training area (some link I'll find) then I got that error.
  4. Getting this when I try the link - The page you requested does not exist
  5. Hi Everyone, I'm looking for a robust, friendly RPG and found you via Google. I've been an active member of another RPG for over a decade, advancing through the ranks to Captain of two different ships; Ambassador and Sovereign class. Including a stint on their Council, Academy CO and Academy instructor. I'm experienced and would be happy to contribute in any capacity needed, but I'm an engineer and command crew member at heart. Steve, AKA, Steven Matrix.
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