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  1. @Alora DeVeau I know I've already said it but your too kind. Your appreciation means a lot ❤️
  2. @Romyana Casparian Congratulations on your award. I am truly inspired by your enthusiasm each and every day. You make a great engineer who is not only focused on fixing a ship but in all sorts of other fun projects that could be had. Congratulations once again. ❤️
  3. @Sal Taybrim I can't thank you enough for the wonderfully warm welcome you gave me during my transition onto Ops. It was a difficult situation but you not only handled it like the wonderful Captain you are but like a friend. I have felt so much at home on Ops and I feel part of that is down to you. Your not intimidating to talk to like a Captain might if they only focused on being a diplomat. You strike a beautifully perfect balance between all the role you have to preform. Congratulations!
  4. I didn't think I would get anything beyond my 1 year award today. Thank you to every who has worked hard to support others. Every little action has a ripple effect. Congratulations!
  5. "Celebrate good times come on!" Congratulations everyone!
  6. @Sal Taybrim Even though I'm in this scene as well I really want to commended Sal for the way in which they wrote the atmosphere and emotions of this scene from their characters point of view. I could more than 100% feel how sweet and caring Sal was being towards Sheila. In the end the sim gave me fuzzy warm feels. I also love how they changed there signature to best fit the context of this scene. ((CO’s Office – The Hub – StarBase 118)) Now, back at StarBase 118, Sal felt he could relax more. Reconnect with friends and crewmates, and, unfortunately, get some paperwork done. That
  7. Sheila Bailey coming down the red carpet with her crutches. She want's to compliment everyone on how they look.
  8. OOC- Maybe not my best work but I wrote this a week or two ago and felt it was time to post it without much looking over, mostly before I forgot, lol. Enjoy. Sheila Bailey had come back to a place of rest after a stressful day treating patients. It hadn’t been her worst day ever but not her best either. She was running on empty by the end of it, her muscles aching. The best cure would have been to rest in the optional low gravity her living quarters provided, however she didn’t seem to have the energy once flopped onto the couch. Instead she had ended up scrolling through the files on he
  9. @German Galven This sim was really well done. It was sad but also really sweet. It shows the domestic side of star fleet life so well. I also want to congratulate you for implying at a challenging topic and giving it a bit more awareness. ((OOC- Wanted to do a small follow up after the JP with Sevo)) ((Science Department Holodeck Facility #1, Deck 547, Starbase 118)) German had stayed in the holodeck long after Ayiana left. He was ecstatic about hanging out and just talking with someone he’d known right from the beginning of his Starfleet career. Although that was
  10. Your too amazing and kind. It was a pleasure to work with you on this set of sims @Romyana Casparian.
  11. Thought of a fun discussion question: Do any of you have a character in Star Trek (any of the shows) that you think makes a good role model or that you look up too? Why? I think Kira is a good role model in some aspects. She is strong and stands up for what she thinks is right.
  12. Thanks @German Galven and @Wallace Williams for the kind words. It amazes me how good I am at describing emotions when my own are a dead end. Oh well. Thanks again.
  13. Shocked that I won something. Thank you all. Congratulations!
  14. Final finished reading this and I love it. Your description and detail is perfect, I could clearly understand who Collins' is as a person; he seems very real. Good job.
  15. What's your real first name? Aly Where do you live? (General area! City or state, even!) I live and go to school in Colorado. How did you find our group? I found this group via google search. What kind of work do you do? I am a full time student at UCCS in Colorado Springs. I am working towards a major in Inclusive Elementary Education and a minor in American Sign Langauage(ASL). The character I will be role playing as a female Trill named Beelam Grog. Can't wait for training to start on December 3rd and for the fun to continue. To any guest or new member a
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