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  1. Beelam Grog

    official Arrival at StarBase 118 - introduce your character here!

    Final finished reading this and I love it. Your description and detail is perfect, I could clearly understand who Collins' is as a person; he seems very real. Good job.
  2. Beelam Grog

    Hey All! Cadet Collins Here!

    What's your real first name? Aly Where do you live? (General area! City or state, even!) I live and go to school in Colorado. How did you find our group? I found this group via google search. What kind of work do you do? I am a full time student at UCCS in Colorado Springs. I am working towards a major in Inclusive Elementary Education and a minor in American Sign Langauage(ASL). The character I will be role playing as a female Trill named Beelam Grog. Can't wait for training to start on December 3rd and for the fun to continue. To any guest or new member as a new member myself, I would suggest joining the chat aka the discord, everyone there is supper awesome.

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