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  1. I mentioned it in our OOC chat about this but this one is my vote for the ARROW. (It's also on Quentin's personal IC playlist lol)
  2. So WOW. First off, I would like to just say as a “new kid” here, I cannot tell you enough how much discovering this group has meant to me, both personally and professionally. when I found y’all I was very much wondering if writing was really worth the effort and strongly considering packing it all in just for my own sake. but then I found this place and the richness of the community as well as the instantly warm and inclusive group dynamic here just gave me an entirely new perspective on myself as a creative. It is TRULY an honor to get to create with you all here and I count myself
  3. Chief Vacation Specialist, USS Arrow this ABSOLUTELY KILLED ME @Maxwell Traenor. The whole sim itself was so charming, but this was just the icing on the cake. Original Post: "But"
  4. Wow, y’all I am just....completely floored. Thank you so, so much for opportunity to write here.
  5. Truly OVER THE MOON to be counted among such amazing and talented officers. to everyone who wrote nominations and to all the other winners, my sincerest thanks and deepest gratitude. Thank you for making the 118 Everything that it is.
  6. I didn't see a Red Carpet thread so I wanted to start one! Let's show off those fancy "formal" avatars. Here is Quentin at the BAFTAS...erm...Embassy banquet...
  7. You know, I was actually really taken by B’Elanna and Tom’s whole courtship and coupling over the course of VOY. I didn’t love it as a younger and dumber person but seeing it all from start to finish was really charming.
  8. I ABSOLUTELY AGREE! I always loved when they got to share scenes together. That’s absolutely an underrated ship.
  9. Hey, my lovely crew. I have another fun what if I wanted to pose to you. if your character could switch career paths, what station would they choose? for Quentin I think he would absolutely be a Helmsman, having taken the base level pilot courses at the Academy I could totally see him turning away from the cold and cruel other Science students and becoming a full tilt flyboy. I have also thought about, what if he went even darker? Tried to commit to the Intelligence Service aiming for some kind of Starfleet CIA. what about you all?
  10. Oh man these are all fantastic choices. I think personally, especially in my last rewatch of DS9 was really struck by all the romantic pairings once again. Worf and Dax of course, but I had forgotten the whole arc of Odo and Kira which just broke my heart. I also absolutely loved re-experiencing the (not so) subtle episodes devoted to Bashir and Garak. It’s all great. I also was kinda struck by Janeway and Chakotay! I had never fully watched Voyager as an adult until last year and I now totally understand why the actors pushed for it. The Doctor and Seven stuff rang...less so for me.
  11. I truly would love either a police procedural or political drama sustained over a full season of TV. I know we've gotten flashes of both across all the shows, DS9 in particular was good at this kind of "genre exercise", but I would really love to see the nuts and bolts of crime and politics across Federation worlds.
  12. Oh man this was by FAR the hardest poll yet. I sincerely love all these ships, especially the odder classes like the Chariot and the Horizon (which is what I voted for, being the blue shirted nut I am). It is REALLY cool to see love for the smaller, more compact classes though! I was actually torn between voting Horizon or Luna, so I am glad to see other crew members repping for cruisers!
  13. This recent joint post by @Irina Pavlova and @Randal Shayne just absolutely blew me away. I am not afraid to admit that it made me a little misty eyed as I read it. Because NOT ONLY is it a beautifully written piece of scene work by two immensely talented people (people I just so happen to serve with #humblebrag). But it speaks to the amazing dynamics we can find between our characters, as well as just how rich the personal lore/canon people have built here over the years is. Sims like this are precisely why I wanted to join up and I thank y'all so much for allowing me to do so. And thank
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