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  1. I feel like Star Trek was meant to show the diversity of all the different cultures in some way or another all of the races in the show point back to a way the human race was at one point or time and still are. The shows diversity brought many people in to the show! I know it was the diversity that caught my eye! I think it’s the diversity that helps define the show for what it is.

  2. Name: Maddi Hyden
    Species: Human
    Age: 22 Earth years
    Gender: Female
    Origin: Glencoe Scotland 
    Height: (5' 6")
    Hair: Black with Brown Highlights
    Build: Athletic
    Desired Duty: Security, Head of Security on a Starship. Command of a ship (future goal)
        Father: Dr. Haytham Hyden, Head Warp Core Theorist (Utopia Shipyards) 
        Mother: Joyce-Ann Hyden, composer


    Sister: Joanne Hyden, Temporal Operative




    Maddi had been waiting for this day for months she was finally getting to step foot on Starbase 118, as her feet touched the stations surface she felt a change in the atmosphere. The station had a different feel from most starbases she had visited it seemed more inviting then most, but she knew regardless her training class started the next day she was excited to see who she would meet, but she was exhausted from the trip here so she found sleeping quarters and immediatly fell asleep. 

    She would meet others soon and hopefully make friends, but she knew she needed sleep, as her class commenced the next day.




  3. Hello my name is Stephen. I hail from a small town in the hills of West Virginia! I work at Walmart, but have a serious change of jobs happening soon! I have been rping for about 4 years now and I enjoy it an immense amount! I was recommended this site by one of your members. He’s been my friend for almost 4 years now and I had never heard of SB 118 until now! I’m excited to start this! I want to work my way up in rank and hopefully be a huge contributor to this group! 

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