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  1. I feel like Star Trek was meant to show the diversity of all the different cultures in some way or another all of the races in the show point back to a way the human race was at one point or time and still are. The shows diversity brought many people in to the show! I know it was the diversity that caught my eye! I think it’s the diversity that helps define the show for what it is.
  2. Maddi is a talented Martial Artist so unless something changed her mind and thoughts she would love to teach at the Academy. Martial Arts is her gift, in fact, any combat is and if she could better Cadets for their time in Starfleet that's what she would do!
  3. Name: Maddi Hyden Species: Human Age: 22 Earth years Gender: Female Origin: Glencoe Scotland Height: (5' 6") Hair: Black with Brown Highlights Build: Athletic Desired Duty: Security, Head of Security on a Starship. Command of a ship (future goal) Family: Father: Dr. Haytham Hyden, Head Warp Core Theorist (Utopia Shipyards) Mother: Joyce-Ann Hyden, composer Siblings: Sister: Joanne Hyden, Temporal Operative ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  4. Hello my name is Stephen. I hail from a small town in the hills of West Virginia! I work at Walmart, but have a serious change of jobs happening soon! I have been rping for about 4 years now and I enjoy it an immense amount! I was recommended this site by one of your members. He’s been my friend for almost 4 years now and I had never heard of SB 118 until now! I’m excited to start this! I want to work my way up in rank and hopefully be a huge contributor to this group!
  5. I've always been a fan of writing, but I've never found a group quite like yours until now! I'm excited to see what I can contribute with. I do have a question when I get settled in could I have some help with an avatar and signature?
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