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  1. Logan is certifiably insane and that's what makes this all the better it's been fun to write this with him, but I have concluded he's insane 100% @Kurt Logan
    ((Beta Quadrant, Par'tha Expanse, USS Atlantis, Deck 11, Main Engineering, Main Level))

    Logan oO Coma or caught in headlights ???? I'm not sure but being of Russian decent judging by the accent, well the tiny bit of soft accent that floats along it could be Vodka. But I'm not brave enough to mention that Oo
    Koerner: I don’t understand what is even going on. I won’t lie you have me confused Captain, but then again that could happen to any of us.
    ::Seeming to ignore the Engineers comments Kurt carried on ::
    Logan: This ball of yours, how small could you make it without it losing any power?
    Koerner: I have been dabbling in making a smaller version of it and according to all my test it could be about the size of a pea, but I am not hugely confident in the model as of the current time.
    Logan: Intriguing, very pretty numbers tell me can they change color to say a sparkly.........red
    ::Her maybe but not mentioned clear alcofrolic beverage that isn't Vodka- stupified coma'd rabbit look became if possible more blank faced::
    Koerner: I mean I could if I so desired, but why would I?

    Logan: Because you could, and if you could then I might well be interested in one 

    :: Natalya visibly shook her head the remark made her chuckle. ::

    Koerner: My biggest question is why would you want one?

    Logan: A disco ball, maybe with claws on to anchor it to the ceiling.
    ::Kurt looked at her as if to say what else ?. Her response was to blink at him ....twice:: 
    Koerner: I don’t know if what you want it for can be considered practical Sir, but just to humor your question. Yes, I could do it, however, I see no practical applications in your design.

    Logan: Of it could move as well then .... oh my moving numbers 
    Koerner: Well Sir, if you can get someone to sign off on the idea I might help you with it, but until then I can’t see the reasoning in it.
    Logan: Just like that Jazz festival disco light that shone of Eagles head 

    Koerner: Well he did like music so I could see him at a recital, but I do not ever recall this event and I was with him for quite a while.

    Logan: He was a man of hidden feathers...... 
    ::A sudden thought washed across his face, then Kurt started to giggle::
    Logan: Feathers ha ha ha, I'm so sorry Jazz was Douglas half a mohican haircut. Eagle was a Blues man ha ha 
    Koerner: Response 
    Logan: He stood on the Disco ball. Anyway as you were talking about shuttle craft...
    ::Kurt looked at her waiting for an answer::
    Koerner: Response
    Logan: Engine over pressure. How far can you take a shuttles engine 150 percent, 200 percent ?

  2. On 5/28/2019 at 5:26 PM, Caitríona Cayne said:

    Hi all! Dia dhaoibh!

    My name is Ally. I am from Ireland and I am looking forward to enjoying my time here with you all.

    So I used to actually be a member of SB118 a long time ago, although I think back then I wasn't as grown, or mature as I am 25 now. I think back during those days of my life I had a lot going on and couldn't commit to simming as much as I would have liked and to be honest I felt a little bit of a let down for my team!

    (I played Kotir Arith on the USS Mercury, but again, that was a while back now! - maybe it will be a bit confusing, as my name was Alan back then but I have since started transitioning in RL)

    I have more time on my hands now, and I think I am in a good space and maturity to enjoy the roleplay and appreciate how much it can help me grow as a writer!

    A bit about me, I studied Film and Screen Media with English at University and I am going back this September to get another qualification in Computer Science.

    I’m very tech savvy, having previously worked as customer support for Google and Blizzard (as a temp Game Master for the BFA launch ;)).

    I hope I get to make a lot of new friends and reconnect with people who I enjoyed speaking with when I was last here.

    Welcome back @Caitríona Cayne! You were obviously here before my time! Regardless welcome back to the group! Hopefully, Maddi will interact with you at some point. 😁

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  3. 7 minutes ago, Toryn Raga said:

    Thanks! @Maddi Hyden I was quite emotional while writing this. I'm glad you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Though we all love our characters and don't want them to suffer, this is part of what helps them grow. Have to balance the good, with the bad. 

    So true I’ve had some of those moments if you recall reading over some of Maddi’s backstories.

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  4. ((Beta Quadrant, Par'tha Expanse, USS Atlantis, Deck 5, Sickbay))

    :: The entire trip on the Illa'vareia had been brief from his reckoning, as the Al-Leyan had spent the vast majority of it unconscious. Even then, under sedation he had a listless slumber. Tossing and turning until restraint fields were put in place to keep him from falling out of the bed as nightmares consumed his sleep. Though the storm wrought on his mind by the device implanted harshly into the back of his neck had abated, the psychological trauma he'd faced at the hands of a cold and calculating RoLF had been extensive. ::
    ((TRS Torment - Nightmare))
    :: Toryn awoke with a start and he was back on board the Torment. The sickeningly familiar crimson glow of the force field and the cold, red eyes of his torturer stared at him as he was restrained to the wall of the cell by those magnetically enforced bands around his limbs. The machine stared at him studying him. Beside the RoLF was a familiar, blue skinned figure. Brell stood beside him, looking just as weary as he felt himself. Like he had when Toryn rescued him off the bridge of the asteroid ship. The Bolian stared at him. ::
    Nightmare Brell: Commander. You acted recklessly and put yourself in danger. Your actions endangered the entire ship and crew. I'm disappointed in you. 
    :: The interrogator RoLF made a gesture and the electrical field activated but this time it didn't strike him. Toryn watched as the electricity coursed through Brell, the screams of whom mixed with his own as he watched his Commanding officer turn to dust from the discharge. Then he felt the bite of the current touch him and he cried out. Only to black out. :: 
    ((USS Atlantis, Sickbay))
    :: Tossing a bit, he screamed out, voicing his agony in the nightmare induced by the trauma he'd endured and the sedatives keeping him asleep. Unaware of those around him, conscious or otherwise as he felt himself snap awake again. :: 
    ((TRS Torment - Nightmare))
    :: He jolted awake, still in that damned cell, still with that damned RoLF. This time Several other Atlanteans were arranged around the cell in front of him, all bound as he was and facing him. Logan. McKnight. Maeli. Knight. They all stared at him, a mix of contempt and fear in their expressions. :: 
    Nightmare Knight: You had to know we'd try to come for you. ::His prosthetic eye glowed the same cold red as the RoLF's:: You doomed us all. 
    Nightmare McKnight: You failed to save the Captain. You doomed us all. 
    Nightmare Logan: You doomed us all. ::His cybernetic arm was a solid disruptor, like the other RoLF's had been:: 
    Nightmare Maeli: You destroyed my mind. You doomed us all. 
    All four in unison: You doomed us all.
    :: Again the torturer robot gestured and the cell's torture field activated. Shredding all four of them with the same intense, insane current of power. They all turned to ash in front of him and he screamed as the current hit him next. ::
    ((USS Atlantis, Sickbay, several hours later))
    :: Toryn's screams once more echoed through the room before a gentle hand was placed over his mouth and a hiss of a hypospray against his neck sent him back into a deep slumber. He almost thought he heard a familiar voice sobbing. :: 
    ((TRS Torment - Nightmare ))
    :: Toryn gasped sharply as he came to consciousness, being pulled from his dream of being back on board the Atlantis, under the care of the lavender haired Antosian nurse. And he instantly wished he hadn't. The RoLF was there again, but this time the person bound beside him made his breath catch in his throat. The scruffy beard, disheveled hair and perpetually grumpy expression was unmistakable. Dermont. Valin, his best friend. They'd served in the Academy together. They'd bonded over this last year and a half. Toryn had helped rescue the man's son from some less than savory sorts who tried to murder him. Not Valin. He couldn't do this. But his voice would come, like he had been robbed of speech. :: 
    Nightmare Dermont: Ya damned fool. Ye've doomed us. I'll never get ta see me boy again! My Brie! Yer no friend!! 
    :: Toryn shook his head violently, as much as the restraint on his neck would permit as the RoLF gestured and he watched in abject horror as Valin was subjected to millions of amps. Couldn't close his eyes no matter how much he wanted to. He watched his best friend turn to ash before him, the thermos at his side melting from the intense heat. As the blackness consumed him again he welcomed it, he couldn't stop screaming, or sobbing. :: 
    ((USS Atlantis, Sickbay, several hours later))
    :: Ragged of voice, he could barely scream and were it not for the restraint field he'd have flung himself out of the biobed, but there was the sensation of presences around him. At least two, they had always been there, but were different as if several individuals had taken turns keeping watch over him. :: 
    ((TRS Torment - Nightmare))
    :: A whine of defeat erupted from him when he awoke once more, once more with a start from the peace and calm of Atlantis' sickbay to his reality. This torturous hell he'd been enduring for months. As he looked up Toryn instantly wished he could gouge out his own eyes. The RoLF, Ceti stood in the center of the cell before him, on either side, bound by the same metal rings were the last two he'd ever hope to see in this place. To Ceti's right was the raven haired, slightly pointy eared and beautiful Romulan he'd served with for nearly two years. The first woman since leaving Leya-I he'd fallen for, an alien, someone he, by his own culture should be repulsed by having such inclinations but he wasn't a normal Al-Leyan. Toryn felt himself sobbing immediately, then drew his gaze to the RoLF's left and felt his throat clench at the sight of the an equally familiar blonde. Ears pointed slightly less so than his own, the familiar reflective sheen to her eyes would be unmistakable to anyone familiar with their species, he knew those blue eyes well. He'd stared into them long enough. Lael Rosek, the only other woman he loved and couldn't have was bound and staring at him. He felt as though he would crack in half even before either spoke up. :: 
    Nightmare Serala: You told me you wouldn't let me fail to keep my promise, Toryn. You're a failure. ::Ceti handed a familiar dathe'anofv-sen to her and she took it:: I could never love you. You let me die. You doomed us all. 
    :: Toryn fought desperately to say something, but as before no voice came forth and his gaze was drawn to Lael. :: 
    Nightmare Rosek: Toryn, I'm glad I left you when I did. You ruin everything around you. And even those not. Our link. You've been making my life miserable while you've been here. I can feel it. I thought I'd be free once you're gone, but now you've doomed me too. I see now I could never love you. ::Her beautiful eyes turned red:: You doomed us all. 
    :: The RoLF gestured and he watched in horror as Serala thrust the honor blade into her chest, a moment before the electrical current filled the room more vibrantly than before. The two women he loved evaporated into ash in what felt like hours, their screams filling his ears and when the void of blackness consumed him again he hoped he would'nt ever wake up again. :: 
    ((Deck 5, Sickbay, USS Atlantis, an hour after Dermont's arrival)) 
    :: Toryn jolted awake, screaming for Lael and Serala and felt a hard, invisible force keeping him to the biobed. It was a biobed, not a table. It was certainly softer. There was no red glow, only the bright white illumination of a Federation starship. A familiar one. The Al-Leyan stared up at the ceiling. The Mission Specialist was exhausted, despite having been asleep since his rescue little of it had been restful. He shuddered and felt discomfort on his cheeks, the dried remains of tears, he wanted to cry more but he had none left. A shadow loomed over him and Toryn turned his head to look up at the source and his eyes widened with a mix of surprise, confusion and elation at seeing his dear friend Dermont staring down at him in all of his scruffy glory. :: 
    Raga: Va..::His voice was raspy and he had to cough and swallow a few times to speak:: Valin...Is that really you? 
    Dermont: response 
    Raga: Had...to ask...I've seen you die too many times...I don't know what's real...and what's a dream. 
    Dermont: response 
    :: Toryn definitely felt it, despite his body's dense structure the man had landed a square and hardy strike on him. He coughed and nodded. :: 
    Raga: Ow. 
    Dermont: response 
    Raga: Please..tell me we didn't loose anyone. If anyone died trying to bring me back....::His voice trailed off, but the look in his cerulean eyes conveyed the Al-Leyan would consider that a poor trade:: 
    Dermont: response 
    Lieutenant Commander Toryn Raga 
    Mission Specialist
    USS Atlantis NCC-74682
    PodCast Team
    Atlantis Staff Member
    Writer ID: A239410TR0
    @Toryn Raga This was incredible it shows what torture can do to a person's mind! You did an excellent job at conveying the fear and pain. It may not be a joyous post, but it was very well written! 
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  5. 1 hour ago, SILOR said:

    Hello people! I just wanted to drop in and say hello OOC before I make a post to let you know who my Character is!  

    I'm Jon, and I work full time at a local Police Department.  I'm also a full time Student and full time Dad!  I do have time to write, so I would enjoy the interaction and release that comes with writing.  Looking forward to going through training with you all. 

    Welcome to the Fleet! Excited to have you here! Enjoy your Training Cruise! 

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  6. 12 minutes ago, Sky Blake said:

    One of the biggest "complaints" from anti-Discovery viewers was always to do with "they have holographic technology before it existed!" - to which I always link to this Telstra ad:

    Fact is, "back in the day" of classic Trek, stuff like holographic technology was a blip on the radar - practically nonexistant. A twinkle in inventor eyes. Today, however, we've not only established VR (which, honestly could be considered early versions of a holodeck) but also have a very, very rudimentary version of 'holographic' capabilities as Discovery has established.

    If Calypso established anything, it was that Discovery ends up without a crew, lost in space for years. Part of me wants to believe that this is because of a huge disaster with the spore drive - a jump gone wrong, if you will, which would explain why the crew had to abandon ship and Discovery ended up alone for hundreds of years. Not implementing the spore drive in any other Starfleet vessel following this incident seems like the most logical conclusion.

    The technology is not wrong. It is more in line with how we consider the future.

    Exactly right! It’s sad though that people don’t like the show because of that! Star Trek is Science Fiction and they’ve bettered what we as humans in the 21st century think of as future technology. Holographic Communication is definitely possible! The spore drive has a functionality to it, but in the end I think it poses more danger then the worth of trying to overcome that danger. The Discovery as a ship is what we think of when we think of the future. I honestly feel some people have just seen all the old shows and are so accustomed to the technology anything new seems wrong, but this is the future and that’s what I feel they’ trying to portray in the best way that they can.


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    This one intrigues me because I've heard people saying the thing that deters them from watching the show is how the technology seems so advanced compared to ships in the other shows ie The Enterprise-D. The thing is though an experimental ship would hypothetically have better tech than most, being as Discovery is set way before the Enterprise that doesn't seem accurate.

    Let's discuss some of the tech in the show. We start with the spore drive not much to say about that one it is an experimental drive which they state in the show, but then we have things like the landing pods from a recent episode. The pods look so much more advanced than anything the Enterprise-D had along with the worker bee's and the suits in the show, but there's something that has brought me to thinking of it all in a different way.

    Discovery was created recently 2017-2018 and we look at when The Next Generation was created in 1987. That's a 30-year difference. The graphics and technology now are so much more advanced compared to 30-years ago. So in a way, it gives a new outlook on Star Trek. If we think about it the technology in the show is supposed to far surpass the earth now, well in 1987 that was considered the future, but now we can put so much more in the thoughts of the future. So my answer, in the end, is no I don't think it is. 

    I do however want to hear what anyone else has to say! Look forward to the discussion!

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  8. 23 hours ago, Matrix said:

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm a long time RPG player (another RPG) with over a decade of experience. Started out as an ensign (of course) and worked my way up to captain of several ships and rear admiral over the course of a few missions. I'm looking for a robust, friendly RPG to join as either an engineer or back into a command slot.


    Well Hello,


    You came to the right place! Do you have any questions or need any help?



  9. 21 hours ago, Theo Whittaker said:

    I like they’ve taken the feedback on board. Judging from the brief shots of what we have seen from Season 2, Klingons with hair look so much better.

    Given how averse I was in Season 1 to the new Klingon look, I have to say that I was very intrigued by L’Rell. Mary Chieffo was wonderful. I look forward to seeing more of her in Season 2. Ditto Tyler. Shazam Latif was great, but the storyline for him in Season 1 ended rather abruptly.

    I agree! Now let's just hope they don't disappoint us!

  10. On 1/4/2019 at 6:32 PM, Theo Whittaker said:

    I liked Discovery Season 1 but I didn’t love it outside of Michael and Tilly. After the first two episodes it meandered until the mid season finale but the back half was very, very well done.

    I look at the Klingon redesign and the more advanced sets as a visual reboot of the franchise- although I hated the new Klingon ships apart from the Birds Of Prey. It is what it is, I guess.

    I couldn’t have said it better myself! The Klingon redesign was absolutely awful and the ships are awful! I am more interested in their plans for Section 31. Tbh it’s always intrigued me.

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