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  1. Congratulations to everyone who got an award! You all work so hard to make this group the best for us all! To each and everyone of you thank you for everything you do! These awards were well deserved by all who received them!
  2. Congratulations to everyone! I am so happy to be a part of such a great group of people. I agree with @Kayla Drex it's time to party!
  3. Logan is certifiably insane and that's what makes this all the better it's been fun to write this with him, but I have concluded he's insane 100% @Kurt Logan ((Beta Quadrant, Par'tha Expanse, USS Atlantis, Deck 11, Main Engineering, Main Level)) Logan oO Coma or caught in headlights ???? I'm not sure but being of Russian decent judging by the accent, well the tiny bit of soft accent that floats along it could be Vodka. But I'm not brave enough to mention that Oo Koerner: I don’t understand what is even going on. I won’t lie you have me confused Captain,
  4. Welcome back @Caitríona Cayne! You were obviously here before my time! Regardless welcome back to the group! Hopefully, Maddi will interact with you at some point. 😁
  5. So true I’ve had some of those moments if you recall reading over some of Maddi’s backstories.
  6. ((Beta Quadrant, Par'tha Expanse, USS Atlantis, Deck 5, Sickbay)) :: The entire trip on the Illa'vareia had been brief from his reckoning, as the Al-Leyan had spent the vast majority of it unconscious. Even then, under sedation he had a listless slumber. Tossing and turning until restraint fields were put in place to keep him from falling out of the bed as nightmares consumed his sleep. Though the storm wrought on his mind by the device implanted harshly into the back of his neck had abated, the psychological trauma he'd faced at the hands of a cold and calculating RoLF had been ext
  7. This line got me immediately! I wouldn’t even want to think of Insurance on the Atlantis. Especially after we destroyed the Nacelle.
  8. I had to go with Worf and Alexander. One of the most interesting in my mind.
  9. Congratulations on graduating! @Ben Burns @Ben Garcia @Addison MacKenzie @Carmen Tis Welcome to the Fleet!
  10. Welcome to the Fleet! Excited to have you here! Enjoy your Training Cruise!
  11. Exactly right! It’s sad though that people don’t like the show because of that! Star Trek is Science Fiction and they’ve bettered what we as humans in the 21st century think of as future technology. Holographic Communication is definitely possible! The spore drive has a functionality to it, but in the end I think it poses more danger then the worth of trying to overcome that danger. The Discovery as a ship is what we think of when we think of the future. I honestly feel some people have just seen all the old shows and are so accustomed to the technology anything new seems wrong, but this is th
  12. ((POTENTIAL SPOILERS)) This one intrigues me because I've heard people saying the thing that deters them from watching the show is how the technology seems so advanced compared to ships in the other shows ie The Enterprise-D. The thing is though an experimental ship would hypothetically have better tech than most, being as Discovery is set way before the Enterprise that doesn't seem accurate. Let's discuss some of the tech in the show. We start with the spore drive not much to say about that one it is an experimental drive which they state in the show, but then we have things like th
  13. Well Hello, You came to the right place! Do you have any questions or need any help?
  14. Yes, Thank You @Sotak! I agree @Kayla Drex I think we should definitely write more! I thank you for your contribution it was amazing and I couldn’t have done it without you! ❤️
  15. I agree! Now let's just hope they don't disappoint us!
  16. I couldn’t have said it better myself! The Klingon redesign was absolutely awful and the ships are awful! I am more interested in their plans for Section 31. Tbh it’s always intrigued me.
  17. This one might work @Pholin Duyzer, but then again it might not and I could've failed miserably!
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