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  1. Heartiest congratulations to all the recipients! You guys are legends, every one of you!
  2. Congratulations to all the award winners, you're all amazing! ❤️
  3. First time actually dressing to impress this year. Esa's keepin' it classy! 👌
  4. An enormous thank you to everyone and anyone who nominated me! I screamed quite loud when I read it, that someone outside my house called up to me to see if everything was alright! 🤣 Massive congratulations to my fellow award winners too,y'all are super-duper!
  5. ((OOC: @Maddi Hyden and @Kayla Drex captured the mood perfectly! I loved every second of reading this one! The wedding is going to be one heck tonne of fun to sim with you guys! ❤️ )) ((Maddi And Esa’s Quarters, Deck 3, USS Atlantis)) :: Maddi had been getting ready for her shift, but she had realized she was way too early. She smiled as a thought crossed her mind. She replicated a glass chocolate milk and activated a subspace communication and waited to see if there was a reply. :: ((USS Eagle, Kayla’s Quarters)) :: Kayla had been painting again. This new piece was
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