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  1. Good evening. My name is Michael. I live in West Jordan Utah with my wife and kids. I'm originally from South Carolina and still call it home, even though I have lived in Utah for 28 years. I am a die-hard Trekkie. I always have been. TOS was my favorite until I found Enterprise, TOS is still one of my staples though. I just really love Porthos. He is adorable. I found the group by surfing the web and looking up all things Star Trek. I just stumbled on it, and I am glad I did. I currently work for the State of Utah, but before that, I was a firefighter/EMT and was a Lieutenant and Hazardous Materials Technician (the mop and glow club). I was also a surgical tech and injured my back so I had to get out of medicine. But it is still my passion. I teach it to Boy Scouts and Naval Sea Cadets. I work with the youth of Salt Lake County as an assistant scoutmaster for Boy Scouts and I am an officer with the U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps, where I help mold the future of this great country. I am glad to be here and I am excited to start training.
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