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  1. I was wondering what that smell was @Antero Flynn
  2. ...and just from reading it you can see poor Blake doing that!
  3. Did someone say, silver jacket with a red tie?! ...no? Well, that's what Wil's wearing anyway!
  4. Just your typical Klingon disaster recovery plan @G'var @Moonsong.
  5. Ah... so that's why engineering bays are designed without windows! Otherwise sickbays would have to be twice the size...
  6. This sim is a teaser for our upcoming mission. When I read it, I had a sense of deja-vu. It turns out that it was a flashback sim, the dialogue was lifted from a set of sims I was lucky enough to be a part of six months ago, but instead written from the point of view of two Romulans that went into the diner. This is very Pulp Fiction of you @Roshanara Rahman and brilliantly done! Love it. ((Welder's Diner, Ketar V - Stardate 239607)) Kivas shook his head at his friend and fellow Romulan Sajok as they both stood in the famous Welder’s Diner, home of the Shoals’ best
  7. Right back at you @Sky Blake, with a great assist from @Jansen Orrey, this passage is a classic.
  8. Sensational sim and world building @Tahlin Alse. //Begin Message: Recipient: Lieutenant Commander Chambui Lkhagvasuren, USS Shinano I did not have the best introduction to Ketar V. As I'm sure you've now read about or seen on the news the local liaison officer was murdered and by one of his own officers. That's a major scandal in of itself but alas it didn't end or even start there. Commander Armin Illanos was not what you'd call a model officer, the list of his crimes is so long that one might wonder if his murder in the end was justifiable but I have neither the time nor th
  9. Thankyou Mr @Geoffrey Teller ! You original sim gave the opportunity to "let loose" and write this sim
  10. "Hmm I wonder what time it is... Oops wrong wrist, but check out my bling!"
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