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  1. I'm not sure if this will help, but I was able to use filters in gmail to ensure all 118 emails go to the same place, including ones I've sent. I set up a "Starbase 118" label, and whenever an email from SB118 ends up in my inbox, I filter it. For example, one filter is: The nice thing about it being "from" the Google Group address is that I didn't have to set up filters for every individual writer in the Montreal Sim (that being said, there are a few individuals or lists (like the webmaster, my mentor, or the fleet news) that required individual filters). I can explain the proces
  2. Thanks for all the replies! It all makes sense now. I can see the pros / cons, but I'll just follow what my ship manual states.
  3. I found the training extremely useful. I think that most of the questions or issues I had arose naturally through the training, and I (and other cadets) was able to ask them of the trainers and have them answered. The website is very well done. I do agree with Gogigobo Fairhug that it would be helpful to know what equipment is issued at the start. I know Star Trek pretty darn well, so it was easy for me, being assigned to the medical station, to say that I found a medkit and medical tricorder, but I was still unsure if I had a phaser at the start, and I can certainly see someone with less
  4. Hello! After graduation, I've noticed some sims in my assigned ship ending with "tag/tbc". Now I've been able to (hopefully) suss out what they're used for, but I wanted to: 1. double check I had it right, and 2. point out that as far as I can tell, these specific acronyms aren't explicitly addressed in the training or on the wiki. As far as I can tell, using "tag" in a sim means you've tagged other people to respond. But I'm confused as to its use. Clearly some ships use a tag in the subject line to make clear who should respond to a sim; the Montreal's manual states that "Tag: Name" isn
  5. I voted for a barely hospitable planet... As terrifying as small, limited space areas are by nature, I think a place that's not supposed to have terrifying lifeforms suddenly becoming a place of horror would be worse.
  6. Hello! I'm Felderburg. I live in New Mexico, USA, and I currently work at a nonprofit. I found out about this site on the Treknobabble subreddit (someone posted there a few days ago). I've roleplayed in MMOs and pen & paper, but never PBEM, so I'm looking forward to seeing how this goes. I haven't played Star Trek Online in years, but the character I applied with is intended to be an adapted version of my main there.
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