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  1. Hey everyone! Name's Paul but I'll be playing Oriana Whedon, and no I've never heard of FemShep Seriously though, Mass Effect is legit one of my favourite franchises and being able to meld Shepard with Star Trek was too much of a thrill for me to not even try. I have a post up in the Arrival at Starbase 118 thread that goes into a little bit of what Oriana is going through and what she wants to do with her life in Starfleet. I'd love some feedback, positive or negative and I'd be happy to chat Star Trek or Mass Effect or even Star Wars with you all. I'm 30 years old li
  2. Full name: Oriana Whedon Date of birth (Age): 23 Species: Human Gender: Female Hair color: Red Eye color: Green Height: 5’8 FAMILY: Parents: Keri Whedon (Deceased) Jack Whedon (Alive, living in San Francisco) Siblings: None Spouse: None Children: None Oriana’s eyes narrowed as she looked down the scope of her phaser rifle and her feet slowly carried the woman forward. A bead of sweat was threatening to drop down the side of her hea
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