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  1. I picked Romulans just because I LOVE ROMULANS and want it to be true, even if they are a little feisty to begin with. - Bill
  2. I always thought that a crippled Deep Space Nine or a similar station would be a horrifying setting, if done correctly. It's like the Nostromo, only different. - Bill
  3. I love this. That is all. - Bill/Solkar
  4. I'm VERY glad you did this! Traffic has been a bit heavy since everyone is coming on board, and getting settled, and introducing themselves. I want to read them all, which might be a fools errand, but I focus on those that I am tagged in first so I can respond and keep the ball in play in a timely manner. - Bill
  5. I'm new to this as well, so take my thoughts with a large salt vampire. I ran into this with my new assignment, and I think that TBC definitely means, we're going to continue this thread, I've tagged the folks who I'd like to respond, so let's keep on playing and keep the ball rolling. Having said that, I'm not sure how to END a thread. I had one to end today so I put "Tag: None" in the subject line, because that's what my specific ship does, and at the end I put something like "End of Scene", because we had reached the natural conclusion between the two characters, and everyone else ha
  6. Ha ha! Yes, Solkar is as dry as three day old burnt toast Thank you for posting this, I appreciate it! - Bill/Solkar
  7. They will be so much more aerodynamic without ALL THE DEAD PEOPLE ON THE OUTSIDE - Bill/Solkar
  8. But, let's say that you have more brain power than Denebian Slime Devil, but less than your average Talosian, and want something between one page and 150 pages. Bill has got the hook up for you! It's the previously mentioned "Where No Man Has Gone Before", another high camp, TOS based, free RPG. It's got core rules, or you can download the fancy pants illustrated core rules, a supplement, a life path generator to help your lazy [...] cadet get through academy, or even a quick start pocket mod. It's all there for the downloading! Grab your dice and get to gaming! - Bill
  9. But I can hear you now, "Bill, ain't nobody got time for all that!" As someone who loves his RPG's easy peasy, I understand! I hear you! So, I'm going to give you "Lasers and Feelings". IT IS ONLY ONE PAGE. Throw in some new names, a new ship, spend 20 minutes brainstorming with your fellow players, create the universe, drink something tasty, eat something with cheese on it, and you are playing Star Trek, baby! - Bill
  10. My love for Trek is closely followed by my love for tabletop role playing games, so I thought I would share my resources and maybe turn folks on to yet ANOTHER way that they can enjoy Star Trek. "Far Trek" is a TTRPG based on the Original Series. Based on Mike Berkeley's "Where No Man Has Gone Before" (more on that one in another thread) with a little bit of Fate and Microlite thrown in, all you need to play is a copy of the free PDF, and some six sided dice. Checking the "Far Trek" website, the author, C. R. Brandon hasn't posted in over two years, but the file(s) are still availa
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