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  1. Esbrun would probably go for a high-tech long range research vessel like a Luna class.
  2. Hi there, I'm curious about how the process of making another (permanent) character works. Would that character go through training as well? I'm aware I need to be a higher rank to create a second character, and I dom't want to straight away anyway. Just curious. Thanks!
  3. Starbase 118 had at times been compared to a warren, or (perhaps more accurately) a hive. Tens of thousands of beings lived and worked amidst its halls, striving for a common goal. Esbrun Vardai would only agree in part to that point of view. To the young Betazoid fresh off of the Academy shuttle, the station felt like a living thing itself, and one he felt he should get to know. Another might have walked the streets of the Commercial Sector, or else visited the derestricted work areas. Not Esbrun. He instead checked his PADD to remind himself of his accomodation details, and took t
  4. Hello there, My name's Connor, and I found this place through Reddit. I've dabbled in groups of this type before, but am looking forward to giving it a more serious go.
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