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  1. I think Ro's character was a popular choice because of her characterization. She was different from the other crew members. Less polished. Shady background. Not perfect. There was conflict with other members of the crew and she seemed to have a chip on her shoulder. She was someone more imperfect that we could relate to rather than someone on a moral pedestal we could strive to like the rest of the cast. Conflict helps to make good stories and so while she wasn't on the show as long as some of the other characters, her appeal grew quicker. I found her to be someone that I did not initially lik
  2. Running from 1987 - 1994 and in reruns for decades after, Star Trek The Next Generation set a new standard for the sci-fi franchise. With each episode we could tune in to see Picard and company tackle new foes and explore new regions of space. Over seven glorious seasons (yes, even season two) we came to know these characters in and out and grew to love them. But which character of the series is the best? Are you a Picard fan? His keen intellect and moral fortitude left us with little doubt that he was a giant among men. Even the Klingons respected the man and made him the Arbiter of
  3. Oh wow! How could we have missed Gul Dukat! Seems like we hit a nerve there. 😛 But its true, he's such a snake in the grass with a deliciously sickly-sweet smirk on his face! Thank you so much to all of you for expressing yourselves here.
  4. Star Trek is full of men and women of principal and moral character. It is this focus on the good people crewing our favorite ships and installations that makes the universe such an appealing place. But many of the storylines found in our favorite episodes reveal villains that give the good guys something to fight. It's this conflict that makes Star Trek such great entertainment. Who makes the best villain across the franchise? Is it the cunning and deadly intellect displayed by Khan in Space Seed(TOS), Star Trek II and Star Trek: Into Darkness? He's human and yet more than that. The ruth
  5. For many of us, summer is a time to consider vacations as a family. And while we may have a plethora of options in real life to visit, imagine all the countless locales that our characters could visit in the Star Trek universe! The pleasure planet of Risa is a popular choice of many Star Trek characters and is featured in three distinct television series. In the episode "Two Days and Two Nights" (ENT), Archer and crew get into unexpected entanglements. "Captain's Holiday" (TNG) presents us with an exciting, yet laid backside of Captain Picard when he meets the mysterious Vash. "The Game" (TNG)
  6. Family is often at the root of why our favorite characters are the way they are. The formative years can shape who a person grows up to be and the personality they exhibit. Interactions with parents, children and siblings tell us more about a person than seeing them fire phasers or save the day. It's no wonder that some of the best storytelling we have in the Trek-verse involves the families of the main characters. The tiny glimpses we get behind the veneer to peek at what makes them tick enliven these personas even more. Who can forget the first glimpse of tiny Alexander as he stands facing h
  7. I have to vote for replicators as well. Have to solve problems on Earth before you can explore the cosmos! Hunger issues, industrial supply limitations, medical breakthroughs ... all improved by replicator technology. That advancement would naturally lead to more effort and manpower being directed toward other tech advancements which could then be discovered faster than they otherwise would have been. So, all of us need to work on improving 3D printers - the tech that is closest to becoming true replicators from Star Trek.
  8. I actually like the Enterprise theme song. Please don't throw things at me! Back when I was on the Columbia I made the following intro credits view and set it to Mr. Mister's "Kyrie". The lyrics of the song repeat the phrase "kyrie eleison" which in English means "Lord, have mercy." I thought the concept of looking for a deity's blessing on your travels was a nice theme that went well with the exploration of the far reaches of the galaxy and venturing into the unknown that was our ship's assignment. As far as the Gorkon goes, I believe our theme song would more appropriately be par
  9. The universe of Star Trek has given us some beautiful pieces of music. These iconic works of art embody the vastness of space and the wandering spirit of our favorite heroes as they traipse through the galaxy each week. The warbling tones of The Original Series reminded us of the other-worldly nature of their journey among the stars. The Next Generation brought a brassy and unforgettable tune that energized us for the story ahead. Each piece fit into an amazing tapestry of audible delight. And don't get us started on the movies! When Enterprise aired, however, many fans were split on the
  10. When the phasers stop firing ... when all the colonists are saved ... when the ship warps out of the system, we can all give a big sigh of relief. Of course, we enjoy our missions but the time in between provides a great opportunity to reflect on other things. Perhaps we converse with our shipmates about how the mission has affected us. Maybe we expand on our character's backstory or history. We might even get into a little side-story trouble! No matter what happens, it is these sims that pull our character off the screen and give them life and depth. We love to expand the depth of our charact
  11. Thank you so much! I am honored. And well done to @Corliss @Jo Marshall and @Samira Neathler. Very much deserved!
  12. Jona ch’Ranni was dead bored. There was no other way to express the intensity of what he felt sitting in the pilot’s chair of the Type 2 shuttlecraft. An empty starfield was splashed across the [...]pit windows. Dabbles of starlight - so often the source of poetry for anonymous writers spread among countless worlds – taunted the normally good-natured Andorian. It wasn’t the stars at fault themselves. In fact, he hadn’t met a star he didn’t like. Except for Betelgeuse - it was a jerk. It was the tedious and menial work of waiting for a rendezvous with a supply freighter that had Jona on the wro
  13. I believe all artificial lifeforms regardless of format - android, holoprogram, or computer - should have the opportunity to be declared sentient but not given that designation without proof. Therefore, I chose the "Only in extreme cases" option. Really it would have to be decided on an individual basis as not every artificial lifeform reaches that level of sentience, self-awareness, etc. As in the case of the EMH Doctor - he became sentient but probably didn't start out that way so potential is one thing but it has to reach a certain level. Here's how I would think the Federation would h
  14. It is hard to pick just one thing that I'm looking forward to with the series simply because great Trek embodies all of these. I'd have to say "Recurring Characters" is what I'm most looking forward to though. Revisiting Picard and some of his old crew is what makes this story so compelling simply because we grew to love these characters over years of time. Now its been twenty years for them just as it has for us and alot has changed both there and IRL. Seeing how the crawl of time has affected these characters, their viewpoints, their struggles makes them only that more real, more human (or B
  15. I believe the correct response is to relieve both of their position temporarily until the situation is figured out. The ship doesn't need to be split on this issue and it does nothing good to the morale of the ship's crew to be questioning if one of the leaders of the ship is really worthy. True, that doesn't really answer the question of which one is real, only what I would do as commanding officer. Now, as regards the moral and philosophical answer it depends on one's view of what makes up a person. Is it only the molecules that form the person? Most would say no. Then every time the pe
  16. Great writing, @Jo Marshall. The depth of your sims is a joy to read. You have my permission to wallop Xerix with another snowball for me.
  17. Jona is a pilot at heart and would open a shuttling service. Perhaps provide piloting training for those interested.
  18. Jona prefers cultural clothing but not his culture. He is heavily influenced by Terran culture and owns a bomber jacket that he wears over a white shirt and blue jeans.
  19. I chose Worf and Alexander. Worf is such a complicated character on his own dealing with his Klingon heritage and Human upbringing. But then throw a kid into the mix and it adds so many layers of complexity to his situation. Alexander was at just the right age during TNG to be the most interesting in my opinion. Not a young infant or a whiny teenager (adult junior grade). It gave a perspective that had been missing up to that point in Star Trek - what is starship life like for a scared pre-teen who has experienced his own emotional ups and downs separate from the main cast?
  20. Thanks, @Theo Whittaker! Glad you enjoyed it, mon capitaine!
  21. I chose the luxuries available on Federation ships (i.e. personal replicators, holodecks, lounges). These comforts make a ship feel more like a home which is important for the social and psychological well-being of most species. I would not want to skimp on these details if it is a ship designed for any sort of long-term mission (more than a few weeks at a time). I believe the Defiant was able to get away with this because it didn't seem like there were very many long-term missions that it was sent on. But the day-to-day grind will soon get to a crew if they are sitting on top of one another w
  22. Thanks @Pholin Duyzer glad you enjoyed it. I wanted to capture those crazy out-of-control worries that all of us experience from time to time.
  23. Had to go with the option: Mistrust of T'Pol and Vulcans in general. Archer let his specist preconceptions about an entire race cloud his judgement. He imposed his human thinking and viewpoints on them. Who is to say that their ways of logic are not better? They are at least as valid as his more impassioned human thinking. That is one precept of the Vulcan concept of Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations (IDIC). There are many ways of perceiving a situation and reacting to it. All of these methods of thinking should be valued and accepted as alternate paths, each with their own positives
  24. Had to pick "Family" from TNG. Getting a deeper understanding of Picard's family dynamics was a treat. It took this character in my mind that was strong and THE CAPTAIN and made him more human. And isn't that what Star Trek is about? Sure, it's about the future, and space travel, and seeking out new life ... yada yada yada. But ultimately it's about the people that are in the future ... in space ... seeking out new life. That's why I love this shore leave episode. Because it adds another facet to the story of Picard and who he is.
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