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  1. Yooou know it! Also, I just love the way this is going! I'll be sad to see it all end
  2. Me: I GOT THIS COOL IDEA *spends 30 min writing* Sends without title to email QwQ Curses. I'll get better XD
  3. Go us, we're doing awesome guys :3 We'll be the best, obviously
  4. My poor character is so excited she's literally vibrating while I, her faithful author, has just churned out the first post and wants to hideaway in case it's a horrible first post and a cliche seen from far away The first time's always the most frightening QwQ But that just means I live and learn, right? Right!
  5. "Cadet Corliss, reporting for duty!" The Betazoid with bubblegum pink hair saluted...to no one. She sat a table in a busy sector of the terminal, sipping an ice cold milkshake topped with chocolate shavings and caramel. She had on a regular cadet uniform with tall boots, her hair up in a ponytail, her voice chipper and light, her dark black eyes crinkled in delight...before she deflated. "No no...that's too exciteful?" She mumbled, playing with the straw to her treat, tapping at a PADD with her other hand, a note to her parents that she had made it on time and without any issues. She swung her legs, sipping a bit before groaning, scrubbing her hands through her hair. "This is so nerve-wracking! Come on orders, come on in!" She stared at her PADD. The PADD was not swayed. She sighed, twirling a string of hair around one finger. "Ah, I guess between I and time, only time will win in this battle of wills, neh?" She smiled, pursing her lips a bit, smearing the light lipgloss before popping them. "Mmm, cherry~! Ah, perhaps I should stock up on sweet things before going on board?" Would she have time? If it came in soon, she wouldn't. She hummed. "They'll have sweet things on board, I'm sure! But what to do until then..." She pulled up a small simulation to play around with, grinning and taking a sip here and there.
  6. My first name is Hailey, actually! I live in Texas, Waco actually, it's really nice, things are expanding more and more lately! I looked for another group to play some role playing with, I've been craving that Star Trek like no tomorrow! I work several jobs. I work as a receptionist at a salon for about two days a week, otherwise as Circulation at Waco's paper, making sure everyone gets their papers and everyone pays their bill. Beyond that, I do online work taking surveys, testing websites, so on and so forth. Some days it's tiring, but I make a fair living.
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