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  1. Is there an international mirror of this? Isn't working for me in the Netherlands. 😕
  2. And if I may, thank you for always bringing fun to the Discord, representing us Denobulan bois, and initiating SIMSCON, which is already a lot of fun. ❤️
  3. Although I do love Romulan designs, I personally adore the early Vulcan ships. I love their warps rings, and the red color also helps. 🖖
  4. @Roshanara Rahman Thanks, I'll look into it! @FltAdml. Wolf That could be an explanation, indeed. But as seen in the image in my original post, the ship is out of the proportion that we see on TV if we keep the length of 415 meters and height of 113 meters. So we could fill the height with hulls indeed, but that would leave us with a ship that looks like this.
  5. I recently started doing research into my favorite ship/class: the Prometheus. It is my long-term goal to captain one, and I've recently picked up doing vector graphics and I'm trying to make deck plans for this beauty. However, I ran into some problems. The ship is supposed to have 15 (according to SB118 and Star Trek Magazine) or 16 (according to STexpanded; ignoring this) decks. According to our wiki and Memory Beta, the ship is 113 meters high. This immediately causes problems. The ship has the same amount of decks as the Intrepid class, which is only 64 meters high, so in theory the
  6. @Wallace Williams, we hebben er een nieuwe Nederlander bij! (We have another Dutchman with us!)
  7. Pholin would love to tell the species what the Federation has accomplished, probably getting pride telling someone who has never heard about it. He would probably love to have talked to the woman in First Contact who came aboard the E. Telling her what has changed in three hundred years. Whether or not he could do it? I don't know.
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