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  1. Howdy Gorkonites, Don’t despair, we haven’t forgotten. But knowing who was the winner for QotM February it had to be perfect. Now who’s the winner, you ask? It’s none other than Tali Namura with: Namura: Physically, yes, I could fight a corpse. But emotionally? Imagine the toll. Congrats and thank you Jo for this awesome badge again: Seeing we're almost at the end of March, don't hesitate to toss in a few more quotes in your next sims. Greetings Sami.
  2. Shedding tears? Uhm nope. But Inner Light left an impression with me for whatever reason.
  3. Hello Hybrids and non-Hybrids, We have a first winner this year for our first QOTM 2398 and surprise, surprise, the winner is... Jona ch'Ranni with: Oh, sure, sure, sure, sure. Yes, of course. You have the best parts ... I mean you have the best parts here in this shop. An amazing sex ... selection. And that for the second month in a row. Congratulations with your new badge Jona and thank you to Jo for making it. 🙂 Greets Sami.
  4. Howdy Folks, I know you are anxiously waiting to know who won the QotM December. So ::drummroll:: the winner is our favorite Chief of Ops @Jona ch'Ranni with: Never in the history of "calm down" had telling anyone to "calm down" caused them to calm down. It didn't work here either.
  5. Neither really. The story never got me as the other shows did. And can't even remember if I've watched all episodes. (Shocking I know. *quickly hides in her secret corner*)
  6. Howdy Pirates, We have a winner for QotM November and that is no other than our new scientist @Sarah Phillips with the quote: As the patrons ignored her and the din resumed, Sarah hoped there was a Romulan with a disrupter hiding in the shadows that could kill her quickly. And for that she receives this amazing badge: Made by no other than Jo Marshall (thank you). Congrats, euh and don't point that thing towards me. Greets Sami.
  7. Kazon it is. And glad to see I'm not the only one with that opinion. 😛
  8. Hey you lovely and other Gorkonites, (Makes you wonder now doesn’t it? Ohkay, fine, you’re all lovely - although Ko is the cutest. 😉) We have a clear winner for October's QotM. A winner that loves his patients truly and deeply, so much he even knows how they taste. I hereby present to you the winner of QotM October, our favourite hybrid doctor Loxley with the quote: I pronounce the patient to be... surprisingly tasty. Congratulations on your new badge, @Hutch/Loxley. And thank you again to our First Officer, @Jo Marshall for making the badge. Gre
  9. Mister Riker, for the exact reasons, Mister ch'Ranni mentioned above. 🙂 Although Mister Picard follows closely.
  10. Ladies and Gentlemen, Andorians and Trills, Vulcans and Betazoids, Hybrids and Pets, With great pleasure, I announce the winner of Quote of the Month September 2397! Give a big applause to our First Officer Jo Marshall with the winning quote: Scream if you want to go faster! That’s exactly how the engine works! And for this she receives this amazing badge: Made by no other than our awesome Jo Marshall herself. Congratulations and thank you, @Jo Marshall Greets Sami.
  11. Lwaxana Troi and Picard just because. Somehow, without even seeing the rest of the episode, if Lwaxana showed up, I knew it would be a great episode and I couldn't wait to see her appear in future episodes.
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