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  1. Hello everyone, my name is Michael and I'm from New Zealand. I found Sb118 through Google and I'm currently unemployed looking for work but have had experience in Information Technology, Law and NZ Government sectors. I will talk at great lengths about Star Trek, Star Wars, SeaQuest, U-Boats, Submarines, Video Games and Information Technology or Technology in general. I look forward to simming with you alll.
  2. Scene Starbase 118 docking module The 30ish looking blonde Terran female Security Officer had just finished recording the embarkation of the previous shuttle passenger when she looked up and saw a tall man before her, she felt a bit unsettled as she looked up to see a person standing approximately 1.9 to 2 meters tall tall compared to her own height of rougly 5.6meters. She thought he had a boyish look with a heartbreaking smile and one of those beards that always looked like five--O'clock shadow. His eyes were a piercing cerulean blue and his black hair though regulation length, was stil
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