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  1. Hopefully I'm doing this right, and this excerpt isn't too long for a quote. I really appreciated this summary of the 'Men in Tights' mission and the humorous/deadpan way it was delivered.
  2. Welcome, Renna Leath! I just joined at the beginning of May, and I have found this group very welcoming and a lot of fun!
  3. I like the idea of an emergency response vessel. I've just started reading C. J. Cherryh's Downbelow Station (published 1981), that begins with the end of a war and a massive number of survivors from several collapsed space stations being dumped on one space station without the space or resources to handle them.
  4. Welcome, Michael! I'm also new. This is a wonderful community. Best Star Trek sim ever.
  5. Hello there, I'll be playing Lilith Seir. I sent in my application late last night, and I'll be starting training today! I have simmed for about six years, five in a non-Trek setting (that sadly ended) and one year with different Star Trek PBeM rpg group. (The dragon photo is temporary... I am not a dragon.)
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