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  1. As a supervisor in a Customer Call Center, this sim really had me rolling, especially the last part of the flashback scene, so I hope you all get as much enjoyment out of it as I did. OOC: Flashback sequence & graphic were provided by Ensign Serren Tan (Gorkon) O238704AT0. This part (Lazarus XI: Epilogue) was never published as part of the original 10-part Lazarus Saga, which deals with the final arc of Alleran Tan. (( Brew Continuum, Deck 10, USS Chin’toka )) Chythar nodded slightly, pleased to hear the raktajino is worth the hype. Given the years of pe
  2. While I went with one of the choices, I wouldn't mind seeing a spin-off type series told from the perspective of one of the other races (Romulans, anyone? - big surprise I would go that way, I know). It might be interesting to see the other side of the story.
  3. Oh, and the response from T'Lea in the subsequent sim is equally funny... Kendrick: Please don't tell the Captain. And then he slumped down leaving T’Lea to wonder... T’Lea: Did that jerk just die?
  4. I really loved reading Kendrick's sim here. It got a few comments in our Discord channel, and I had to agree with them. His internal monologue is great and really gets you to feel for him. And that touch of humor at the end right before he passes out is great. Well done, Ensign Kendrick. ((DaiMon Kaybay’s Mining Camp – North Tunnel)) While the young Bajoran doctor Rel examined the creature’s bite in John’s neck, T’Lea checked her tricorder readings once more. John’s eyes drifted upwards to what appeared to be some kind of graffiti. He pointed his palm beacon up at the wall, h
  5. Oh, I absolutely lost it when I read this one! Thank you @Mei'konda for a great sim! And thank you @Elizabeth Snow for posting this. 😃
  6. Kira and Odo - That kiss! On the promenade after all the clear tension and the climatic argument leading to that kiss.... How can you not love that moment?! 😍
  7. Yep. I gotta go with Spider-Barclay myself.
  8. I have really enjoyed writing this and a big shout out to T'Lea who is a marvelous and creative writer. There's more to come on this, so stay tuned... 😃
  9. Still routing for Spock v. Kirk. And did anyone else notice that Kirk cheated again? (Ok, it was all McCoy this time, but still...)
  10. Amok Time is by far and away in my list of Top 5 Favorite Episodes, so Kirk v. Spock was a no brainer for me.
  11. that☝️ Also, this seems a no brainer given my name, but "Dammit Jim"
  12. ahhhh. Too many good choices. For me it was really a tie between Enterprise-D and Voyager. I went with Enterprise-D, though, because I think good ole' Data would just make the whole event wonderful. But Neelix's cooking was very tempting, I must say. 😋
  13. Definitely a tough decision here, Ultimately, it came down to saving as many lives as possible and buying time for assistance to arrive.
  14. Well, I didn't vote for the Kazon, but good point about them not being able to make water even though they have starships. I mean, huh?
  15. All of these are great choices, but for me, this scene from "Qpid" has got to be my favorite: Q: Jean-Luc, it's wonderful to see you again. How about a big hug? Well don't just stand there, say something. PICARD: Get out of my chair. Q: Oh, and I was hoping for something more along the lines of, welcome back, Q, it's a pleasure to see you again my old friend." PICARD: We're not friends. Q: You wound me, mon capitaine. (a snap of fingers swaps their places) Q: There, perhaps now your manners will show some improvement. PICARD: What brings you he
  16. Other: Kinda left out the stereotypical classic from TOS: Catspaw. I mean, come on. Witches, ghosts and a black cat, all set in a castle with bad guys who use magic! 🦇
  17. Right, 'cause this poll was for TNG and I just can't read! 😂 For me, it was the 'tude. She wasn't just the stereotypical Starfleet officer. If she thought there was a better way to do it, she'd let you know, regs be damned. Also, the come from behind story. When she was first introduced, she had been in the stockade for something that I was never quite sure about. Everyone disliked her. But she proved herself and even earned the respect of both Picard and Riker. And Guinan, and you know if Guinan likes you, you gotta be okay. 😀
  18. Such a hard choice, to be honest. And what about the Dax's (Jadzia and Ezri)? I cast my vote, but honestly it was a tie.
  19. I had at first hesitated about putting this here as it might seem self-serving, but it was such an honor being able to write with FltAdml. Wolf that I wanted to share it with the entire fleet. Please enjoy... ((FltAdml. Wolf’s office)) {{ Time Index: Day 29 of Chin'toka shore leave }} Tristan Wolf stood with his back to the door, trying to center himself. The counselor had implored him to take more time to do that. Seemed like full-on hooey to him, but lately he had experienced heart palpitations and an occasional headache and he supposed it was either time to take a few deep br
  20. So, apparently there is someone now handing out very cold drinks in a very hot place ((StarBase 118, Executive Towers)) {{ Time Index: Day 27 of Chin'toka shore leave }} Fleet Admiral Tristan Wolf was a surly fellow, even on the best of days. As the Chief Administrative Officer for Romulan Affairs, the last decade had not been peaceful or kind to him and that was starting to show. Not that taking his first post on StarBase 118, all those years ago, had felt like he was in for a quiet backwater – the Trinity-Serellan Sector was, after all, the meeting point of three great po
  21. OMG! I laughed so hard at this title it about made me cry. Chin'toka is having our awards ceremony and the awards are nearing the end. I will let the sim tell the rest of the story: ((Officer's Mess, Deck 11, USS Chin’toka)) ((Time Index: Day 27 of Shoreleave)) ((OOC: All thoughts and opinions strictly IC.)) Ilana was relieved that the party seemed to be winding down. Now that awards had been handed out, there couldn’t possibly be more official business. She could loiter for five minutes before making a discreet exit. She was about to make her way back over to the re
  22. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time! 🤣 Great job, Nyka! ========================================== ((USS Juneau - Sickbay)) Wyss: I gotta know… gotta know if it worked. There was no way she was going to rest until she found out if the syphon was a success. There was also no way she could fight the hands that were ushering her back to the biobed. All she could do to resist was kind of cling to the person so that she didn’t take an embarrassing nose dive straight to the floor. Bellweather:::pulling the blanket up:: Relax Kid, Cadfael has things well in hand, we'
  23. Man, Raga is really on top of it with this one! She's the bad guy you hate to love. Great job!
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