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  1. @Sheila Bailey This is one of the best sims I have seen you write, I enjoyed learning more about Bailey. :D


    ((Shopping Promenade, Star Station Esperance))


    ::In all the time Bailey spent working with Rosemary she almost missed Solok’s message. Afterwards she was glad to be leaving; maybe then she would get an idea of what had happened elsewhere. ‘Running’ or more so placing both her crutches in front of her and swinging her legs forward so that she could move faster down the corridor, the rest of the medical staff behind her she couldn’t help think of her older sister.::


    ::Cathleen Bailey was the oldest of three sisters. Cathleen sat tall most of her life, but right now all Sheila could think of was the shuttle accident she had gotten into as a young pilot. Unlike Sheila Cathleen loved to touch the stars. She ran hard and fell the fastest. But on that day all those years ago Sheila remembered pushing her way through the crowded Elaysian hospital to come face to face with her older sister who could only laugh. Cathleen said that she wished she had gone faster instead of crashing. It never broke her spirit only Genevieve and Raymond Bailey’s heart. Cathleen was told that if she was to ever leave the planet she would have no choice but to be confined to a wheelchair. Never stopped her.::


    ::Now standing, Bailey wasn’t sure how long later, on the shopping promenade of the Star Station Esperance she felt lost. She missed the things that helped her lessen the pain and not knowing if she would ever get them back was breaking her heart. What she missed most of all was Beelam. The two girls could communicate through looks alone. But she also missed the strong touch of Chen her best Vulcan friend. Yes, back in the academy the three of them had a relationship. Beelam understood emotions, Sheila knew how to mold those emotion so they didn’t get out of hand and Chen surprisingly for a Vulcan knew how to love. Standing there leaning all her weight on her crutches, the bright pink of them was suddenly screaming at her.::


    ::Sheila could hear her mother’s voice, her mother only ever called her Jack, her mother’s voice that always seemed to scream trying to compensate for her hearing loss. What her mother would say now was: “You don’t need them.” or “What a shame for loving more than one. Only a Denobulan would do that.” Her father would want to study the creature, no Rosemary, that was still attached to her. Sheila knew Rosemary was not going to let go even though she wanted to. At this point Rosemary had flatted herself on Bailey’s back. It through of her center of gravity even more but at least Rosemary was healing.::


    ::Sheila was just contemplating finding a place to finally write to Chen when she spotted the first officer.::

    Rosek: Doctor Bailey!


    ::When the woman looked in her direction, Lael began moving toward her slowly, the foot of the crutch catching only once on the deck plating.::


    Bailey: Please call me Sheila or do what my mother does and call me Jack. Please none of this doctor business when we’re off duty. How are you? 


    Rosek: ::smiles:: Not bad all things considered. Doing a bit of shopping?


    ::Sheila did a double take. She was conflicted. Help a friend or follow her heart. Looking at Lael Sheila saw a mix of Beelam and herself. A women strong but a bit broken by the circumstances. Sheila almost wanted to go all doctor mode on her but that could be saved for a minute.:: 


    Bailey: Why? A good looking girl like yourself surely doesn't need anything. 


    Rosek: ::smiles sheepishly:: I lost my best clothes and German’s parents are coming for a visit soon. This might be my last chance to get something that doesn’t come from a replicator.


    ::Sheila not for the first time felt bad for flirting. It always came worse when she was around woman. She always told Beelam that she was strong. This time it felt wrong as by the way Lael talked about German’s parents it sounded like more than just First Officer duty.::  


    ::Sheila didn’t know what to say. She loved dressing up but she had to be careful of the exoskeleton. If she had to wear it on bare skin it left marks, pinched and on occasion made her itch.:: 


    ::Bailey only nodded.:: 


    Rosek: ::smirks:: No replicator can beat the hard work of a fine clothier.


    Bailey: Oh! I… I get that. You sure your doing okay?


    Rosek: ::worries her lip and nods before turning it into a smile:: I’m a bit nervous, yeah. But I’m sure it’ll be fine.


    Bailey: I’m sorry to be so forward but, that’s how I am, I know you probably got medical help but I can see how uncomfortable you are. Is there anything I can do?


    Rosek: Response


    ::Sheila wanted to hit herself this time. What a dumb thing to say more so to the XO. My god! Maybe Sheila needed someone like her around.::


    ::As they walked the conversation drew awkward for a moment. They had to stop a few times and Sheila noted how badly she need pain relief. The two of them walked around the store, Sheila giving Lael advice when before long she blurted out the worst possible thing.::


    Bailey: How do you go on? How do you go on knowing that the one might not be the one?


    Rosek: Response


    Bailey: I’m sorry! I’m sorry. I didn’t mean. You mentioned German. He’s Denobulan. I’m sorry.


    ::What was she doing. What was she saying. Why now? Her mind was playing tricks, she was in to much pain, couldn’t think. Maybe it was Rosemary. Maybe now that she was healing she was making her think all this horrid thoughts.::


    Rosek: Response


    Bailey: I’m sorry, I don’t know what I’m thinking. You don’t need any more problems in your life. ::Under her breath.:: I’m strong, tough. 


    Rosek: Response


    ::The two of them looked around some more but suddenly Bailey couldn’t take it anymore.::


    Bailey: I’m in a relationship.


    ::Stupid stupid. Sheila’s breathing started to pick up a bit but she did her best to keep things under control. She could not break down now. Not in front of Lael. Sheila could feel Rosemary tighten around her.::


    oO Not helping. Oo 


    Rosek: Response


    Bailey: How about this dress? ::Her breathing was short and sharp.:: 


    ::Bailey pulled a gray dress down that had cut outs around the shoulders. It was a distraction, a way to try and change the subject. She was not going to panic or let the pain make her panic. She had to stay strong.::


    Rosek: Response



    Ensign Sheila Bailey 

    Medical Officer

    USS Montreal NCC-64927


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  2. I find the Kobayashi scenario to be a useless test. Knowing it is unbeatable reduces the chances of the 'lesson' it's supposed to teach from being effective. Had I been put in that test already knowing it was unwinnable I would not have experienced the stress or emotions of a no-win situation but rather an irritation that I had to waste my time on such a test at all.

    And Kirks response was simply cheating and anyone realistically or not that could re-program the test to win and actually feel good about it is likely to be a light thinker and useless officer, but of course, he was Kirk so they had to go a different route. 

    To sum up, I would be irritated by the test in its entirety, and would never consider cheating as Kirk did nor would I want to serve with an officer who did, no matter their record afterward. 

  3. Voted on somewhere else. 

    I have mulled around the idea of the crew being held captive inside a wondering planet (worlds not orbiting stars) by a strange and creepy race living there.

    Escape the inhospitable dark planet before your crew is systematically devoured alive as offerings to the queen! 

    or something...

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  4. Star Trek is a nostalgic thing for me, I grew up watching TNG with my father and stepmother. I was always fascinated by science fiction over fantasy and the seemingly limitless count of aliens and worlds and dangers those stories held. Star Trek in all its formats serves as one of the greatest sources for experiencing (to some degree) these concepts! That's why for me Voyager, Enterprise (roughly) and The Original Series are the best, they have the most stories in which they discover and meet unknown worlds, beings, and dangers. DS9 and TNG are great but I feel like they have too much exploring the known (for their time period and for us in canon), in forms of on-ship-problems, investigating colony issues, and escorting dignitaries places etc.

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  5. Of course, different characters I make would feel differently and I myself feel somewhat differently than my main T'Katt Dugoras but from his perspective (IC) Beings like the 'Q' and other powerful and obscure entities are the source for religion and superstitions of that nature. He believes that it is unlikely that a God or set of gods exist or have ever existed. But he is open to the concept that a god-like being or set of beings may exist, that is to say, beings with the power to shape our reality deeper than that of beings like the 'Q' and thoughts beyond our understanding and control in this dimension, but not necessarily in all planes of existence.

    He is also willing to submit that the mystery of existence in all forms, dimensions, and time is possibly the work of some consciousness even if it's one with no form who's understanding, knowledge, and ability is too far beyond the understanding and perceptions of any species without direct interaction. (An example of that would be Moses and the Commandments in the Christian faith.)

  6. On 5/20/2018 at 11:58 PM, Mustang said:

    experience in Information Technology, Law and NZ Government sectors. I will talk at great lengths about Star Trek, Star Wars, SeaQuest, U-Boats, Submarines, Video Games and Information Technology or Technology in general.  I look forward to simming with you alll.


    Sounds like you have great IRL influence for your stories I look forward to your sims.

  7. Oui, Thank you for the clarification on all that, I had learned about my mistake in the subject line lol one of those simple observations I overlooked.

    I figured I'd need a google account connected but wasn't sure how to do so I'll check that link thank you. I was mostly only concerned as I wasn't sure if I would have to need to view it to utalize the system properly.

    I'm glad you guys are so good with newbies making fools of themselves with these type of inquiries, XD

    I would Like to say I entered this process new to online text simming in every sense and with your instructors and extensive articles on wiki and in the forums it has been far simpler and more fun than I had anticipated, especially for someone like me, I tend to geek out hard on things like this when it comes to research yet I still make simple oversights and mistakes... eh only human... more or less. 

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