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  1. I actually considered all my characters and my self for this one. Science is definitely a weak spot for myself and my characters. I love writing Engineering and Medical the best, specifically, my favorite role to sim is Counselor. I really enjoy Security too.
  2. @Sheila Bailey This is one of the best sims I have seen you write, I enjoyed learning more about Bailey. ((Shopping Promenade, Star Station Esperance)) ::In all the time Bailey spent working with Rosemary she almost missed Solok’s message. Afterwards she was glad to be leaving; maybe then she would get an idea of what had happened elsewhere. ‘Running’ or more so placing both her crutches in front of her and swinging her legs forward so that she could move faster down the corridor, the rest of the medical staff behind her she couldn’t help think of her older sister.::
  3. Sorta tied between an all-new cast and Nog -cuz that would be neat-. Voted for Nog in the end.
  4. I'm surprised Voyager has 0 votes (at time of my vote anyway) considering the whole issue some people had that floated around a while about the 'Black Vulcan'.
  5. Not that I don't think the two could unify on their own, but I believe that through co-membership in the Federation the path would be much smoother and beneficial in the long run.
  6. I agree with the HCO post. It has the most bridge time and is exposed to the workings of command frequently.
  7. I find the Kobayashi scenario to be a useless test. Knowing it is unbeatable reduces the chances of the 'lesson' it's supposed to teach from being effective. Had I been put in that test already knowing it was unwinnable I would not have experienced the stress or emotions of a no-win situation but rather an irritation that I had to waste my time on such a test at all. And Kirks response was simply cheating and anyone realistically or not that could re-program the test to win and actually feel good about it is likely to be a light thinker and useless officer, but of course, he was Kirk so t
  8. My access to the internet is limited and I have not been able to post sims or mention things I'd like to here, now since I have some time today I am going to give some praise to the people who have helped me and been great friends and influences since I have joined. I am unsure of all the character and username differences that may exist so I will tag everyone with their character name. First, shout out goes to @Lael Rosek !!! Who was my academy instructor as well as my mentor once I had graduated and joined the Veritas! You helped me a lot by getting me in touch with people when I needed
  9. I always used them like this: TAG/TBC The sim is to be continued TAG/END The sim has ended TAG/END - For (insert name) For the end of a characters scene in a sim that will continue afterward.
  10. Voted on somewhere else. I have mulled around the idea of the crew being held captive inside a wondering planet (worlds not orbiting stars) by a strange and creepy race living there. Escape the inhospitable dark planet before your crew is systematically devoured alive as offerings to the queen! or something...
  11. Star Trek is a nostalgic thing for me, I grew up watching TNG with my father and stepmother. I was always fascinated by science fiction over fantasy and the seemingly limitless count of aliens and worlds and dangers those stories held. Star Trek in all its formats serves as one of the greatest sources for experiencing (to some degree) these concepts! That's why for me Voyager, Enterprise (roughly) and The Original Series are the best, they have the most stories in which they discover and meet unknown worlds, beings, and dangers. DS9 and TNG are great but I feel like they have too much explorin
  12. Of course, different characters I make would feel differently and I myself feel somewhat differently than my main T'Katt Dugoras but from his perspective (IC) Beings like the 'Q' and other powerful and obscure entities are the source for religion and superstitions of that nature. He believes that it is unlikely that a God or set of gods exist or have ever existed. But he is open to the concept that a god-like being or set of beings may exist, that is to say, beings with the power to shape our reality deeper than that of beings like the 'Q' and thoughts beyond our understanding and control in t
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