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  1. Thanks i got it i just wondered why the hell it said that and how i change it because i was thinking “salt this buddy cant be a rank surely?” Haha thanks Admirall
  2. Thats alright i understand that people will probably be busy with personal life stuff or other but yeah thats alright thats the only trouble is the timezones haha its cool though ill just reply when im awake
  3. Just wondering is the training for the 12th still on? Im from the UK so for me the training might start later in the day but just wanted to know if its still on as cant wait to get started with my fellow cadets today
  4. Always been a massive trekkie and also loved RP in games makes it feel more real not like most games like cod where most people are all over the multiplayer getting that new gun camo etc but me i love the story etc and role playing one of my fav franchises with likeminded people drew me to this community and i cant wait to get started and get into it
  5. Thanks for the warm welcome my goal is to be a security officer or marine officer in this whole operation as its the type of person i am also dont suppose you know why it says quotes or so on our “rank” area on our profiles? I cant seem to change it and have no idea why mine says “salt this buddy” haha i loom forward to start training and getting going in this whole thing.
  6. Hey all im Tyler i havent started trained i dont start until the 12th this month but been a big trek fan all my known life im 19 years old from the UK and i work as an instructor for cadets in the army cadet force and hold the rank of under officer (i dont think americans have this its basically the rank below a 2nd lieutenant)
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