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  1. Hi, I'm Gary, in-game name is Ferier.

    I have been Star Trek mad for years back into the early 70's when I was just a lad watching James T Kirk and co, I am proud to say I have watched ToS TNG DS9, Voyager and the new Discovery I did try Enterprise but found it trite compared to the rest.

    My fave is definatelyVoyager for me it was the basis of Trek to explore strange new worlds.

    RPG by email I did some years ago I played a CMO human and a half human Klingon force of nature who spent a lot of time in sickbay due to various battles in his off-duty time.

    I loved the interaction but had to give it up due to family commitments.  I know find myself with time and binge watchgingToS TNG and now on voyager want to restart Email RPG.


    I have been fascinated with the Trill since seeing Odan on TNG but wanted to start playing as an unjoined Trill, to begin with.


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  2. Ferier looked around.  Despite training to host a symbiont and the prescribed Starfleet academy Ferier felt lost.  Waiting to be a host was nerve-wracking and to temper that and to gain experience Ferier had applied for and succeeded in joining Starfleet   Being an unjoined Trill Ferier had no wisdom and experience from the symbiont to rely on and aid him.  Hos results in Starfleet echoed that not being an outstanding student he nonetheless passed after 4 years of training and was now ready to take another step in a Starfleet career.

    Being brought up listening to stories of Jadzia and Ezri Dax had inflamed his senses on both being a host and a Starfleet officer, unlike most Cadets he made his way to quarters rather than a bar, wanting to keep his body and organs at peak performance in case he was called on to be a host  Aged 23 his lack of experience showed him staring with wonder around at the mass of species all under the gentle guiding hand of the Federation.

    Taking a sonic shower and then sitting down with a PADD Ferier tried once again to understand the mechanics of warp drive something most cadets acheived with ease it still confounded him.  Sighing he put down the PADD and massaged his temple making his Trill markings around his temple seem to undulate.  The quarters were stark more like a holding ground than somewhere to rest.  Ferier laid on the bed ready for the call to duty that he knew would come.


    Name Ferier Lanta

    Age 23

    Race Trill, unjoined

    Height 5 foot 10

    Appearance messy brown hair, brown Trill markings that extend from forehead down to feet, no scars or other markings

    Ferier trill.jpg

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