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  1. ((Stoyer’s Quarters, Deck 5, USS Gorkon))


    (OOC - This take place after Cory is released from medical.)


    ::Cory stood outside the door to his quarters.  As the last days have shown, he normally would ask where Petra was better heading home.  But after everyone has told him it was past time they talked. He did not know what he was going to say, but seeing how mad she was when she came by medical, Cory was not looking forward to this.  On top of that, he was sure that the skipper would know what happened and a stern talking to was coming.::


    oO Great, that was going to be fun. Oo


    ::Stepping inside Cory winced a bit.  Everything was healed, but sore. Carefully, taking a deep breath he turned and saw Petra moving around the bedroom.  He watched her for a moment. How she could look so beautiful with everything going on and looking in the mirror look so rough.  Knowing that he was procrastinating talking to her he called out.::


    Stoyer:  Hey!


    ::She stepping into the door of the bedroom.::


    Bjarnadottir-Stoyer:  Hi.


    ::Cory could feel her looking into him.  He had done a good job of avoiding her.::


    Bjarnadottir-Stoyer:  I am glad you are OK.


    Stoyer:  Thanks.


    Bjarnadottir-Stoyer: Welcome.


    ::Cory had not felt a colder welcome ever.  For a warm and passionate woman, she could be very cold and distant if needed.::


    Stoyer:  I….uh, think we need to talk.


    ::A smirk cross her face.  Cory braced himself for a blast from her.  Nothing came, that unnerved him even more.::


    Bjarnadottir-Stoyer:  What makes you think that?  The fact that you lied to me about having feelings for another woman or the fact that you have been avoiding me for days.  Or to top it off you tried to get yourself killed on the holodeck.


    ::Cory hung his head in shame.  She was absolutely correct in everything, well except the part about trying to kill himself.::


    Stoyer:  Look, what happen….


    ::Petra cut him off before he could even try.::


    Bjarnadottir-Stoyer:  Cory, don’t. You know I hate it when you use those programs.  They are dangerous enough already, so don’t stand there and tell you weren’t trying to hurt yourself.


    ::Cory shut his mouth.::


    Bjarnadottir-Stoyer:  I am so mad at you right, I can’t stand it.  So say whatever you have to say. I have things to get done.


    ::Cory looked at her again and noticed something different.  This time he noticed there was an extra “pip” on her collar.::


    Stoyer:  When did you get promoted?


    ::Petra paused for a second before answering.::


    Bjarnadottir-Stoyer:  Captain Brunsig promoted me earlier today and the Admiral approved it.


    ::That surprised him.  Well, it should not have.  Captain Brunsig always respected Petra for her abilities and skill.  She was part of the Yaharla Nine and even stood up to him at one of the legal discussion for him trying to take the fall for the entire group.::


    Stoyer:  Why, would Captain Brunsig promote you?


    ::Petra crossed her arms over her chest and took a deep breath.::


    Bjarnadottir-Stoyer:  I was going to tell you.  ::an awkward pause.:: I have been transferred to the Triumphant.  I am going to be Captain Brunsig’s Yeoman. I am headed over there now.


    ::Once again the sledgehammer welded by a large angry Gorn hit Cory in the chest.  It was everything he could do to stay standing. He looked at her.::


    Stoyer:  What?? Why?


    ::Even as he said it, he knew why.  He had driven her to transfer. They both agreed that neither of them would hold the other back.::


    Bjarnadottir-Stoyer:  You know why? I can’t live like this.  You are a mess and are not even trying to get help.


    Stoyer: I’m f….


    ::Petra again cut him off.::


    Bjarnadottir-Stoyer:  Don’t even say you are fine.  You are avoiding me. You aren't talking to me. You look tired and worn out. You haven’t been eating and sleeping well.  Yes, I have been keeping an eye on you.


    ::With that, Petra reached behind the door and grabbed a shoulder bag.  Hoisting it to her shoulder she walked over to where Cory stood and looked him in the eyes.  His heart is below his navel.::


    Bjarnadottir-Stoyer:  Cory, I still love you, but you need to get help and get yourself sorted out.  You need to get your priorities straightened out.


    ::Petra reached up and touched his cheek.  He felt the warmth of her hand. Her eyes were on the edge of tears.::


    Bjarnadottir-Stoyer:  The beard does look good on you.


    Stoyer:  Thanks.


    ::She turned to leave.  Looking back at him one more time.::


    Bjarnadottir-Stoyer:  Let me know what you want to do.  ::Her eyes got hard one last time.::  But don’t wait too long.


    ::Cory nodded and she was gone.  He stood there feeling nothing. Everything in him was gone.  He stiffly moved to the couch and tried to sit down, but missed the seat and landed on the floor.  Looking around at their quarters still felt nothing. He was hollow and numb inside. The tears would not come.::


    Lieutenant Cory Stoyer

    Mission Specialist

    USS Gorkon


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  2. This post with Emilia's feelings on show really hit me in the feels enjoy guys



    ((Bridge – USS Gorkon))



    ::Upon seeing what she saw, Emilia regretted being right in her judgement. A woman appeared on screen, a trill she didn’t recognise. The woman stared mockingly at the bridge crew, her glare was like that of a basilisk. Watchfully staring into the viewscreen, almost hoping one would cower in fear from the woman in the tacky white suit.::


    Reynolds: ::Murmured,:: Ensign Kian?


    Sevo: :: Muttering. :: That’s not Kian...


    Lladre: Not quite. But I see that you're trying to follow us. ::She smiled.:: In the interests of… oh, let's call it humanitarianism, I feel that I should warn you that following us means that the Kian symbiont will certainly die.


    ::Emilia’s eyes widened in shock, killing a symbiont?::


    Lanta: You would kill yourself.


    ::Emilia stood with her eyes forward, glaring at the viewscreen with every speck of anger she could muster up. Whoever this “Kian” woman was, or whatever symbiont she had within her. It didn’t make it any less despicable, murdering something that could hardly even defend itself. Klingons still had better morals.::


    Sevo: :: Standing up out of her chair. :: Murderer!


    Krugol: You disgrace the very concept of being trill! ::Emilia spat.::


    Lladre: Oh, no. Nothing so crass. ::She looked a little dismayed at the suggestion, but was that just a performance?:: No, the haplass Kian is currently in a stasis chamber, floating a few million kilometres away from you. But unfortunately it *really* wasn't designed to function in a vacuum, and I doubt it's got much more than… thirty minutes left before its systems fail?


    :: Emilia’s eyes widened, the situation was dire. How could something so small slip through their grasps? Let alone the life of another symbiont. It was truly offensive what this woman was doing. How could she even *think* of committing such an act?::


    Reynolds: You expect me to believe that you've
    removed your symbiont to enable a getaway? It might be believable, except for
    the fact you'd be killing yourself as well.


    Lladre: ::She smiled.:: Your concern is
    touching, but I'm going to be just fine. Kian, on the other hand…


    Lladre: Well, I imagine you'll have to implant
    it a new host to keep it alive. How fortunate you have a Commission approved
    candidate just waiting for a symbiont of his own.


    ::Emilia’s heart dropped like an anchor, Ferier? Emilia knew that he wanted a symbiont, but so soon? Emilia couldn’t believe it, everything she’d had with him, everything she’s shared with Ferier… is slowly vanishing just like that? Tears fought their way down Emilia’s cheek. She was trapped between saving the relationship she’d cherished for such a short time, and her moral obligations to save the symbiont.::


    Lanta: Kudrem what are you on about?  Without the Kian symbiont you will die.  Unless, you have a new Symbiont in. But that is impossible.


    Sevo: :: Gasping. :: No, it’s not...


    Krugol: That must mean-


    Lladre: That would be telling. Tiny little
    things like that can be hard to spot, even for a Sovereign-class. But once you've
    found it, it should only take you a few minutes at maximum impulse. ::She grinned.::
    Have fun now.


    :: Kudrem winked at Ferier as the channel closed. Emilia’s mind fumed with a storm of fear, disgust and rage. Oh how she hated that woman. Emilia stood idly, staring at the console before her defeatedly. Quickly she dried her tear stained face, fighting back the quiet sobs. Now wasn’t the time to be upset. Now was the time to do her duty, even if it costs her the love she’d fought for.::


    Lanta: What did she mean by that?


    Sevo: She’s trading the Kian Symbiont for her
    getaway. If we chase her, Kian dies.


    Krugol: ::Emilia sniffled.:: D-Does that mean the trail we were following could be false?


    Reynolds: Bring us to a complete stop and start scanning. Once you've found it, lay in a course and engage.


    Lanta: Aye, Sir. All stop


    Krugol: I-I’ll get right on it, Admiral. ::Emilia replied with a shaky voice.::


    Reynolds: =/\= Reynolds to Yiggtissi. =/\=


    Yiggtissi: =/\= Go ahead Admiral. =/\=


    Reynolds: Do you still have Ensign Fortune with


    Yiggtissi: =/\= Yes sir.  She is here with
    me. =/\=


    Reynolds: =/\= I need you both to stop what
    you're doing and head straight to sickbay. We may be recovering a Trill
    symbiont in critical condition and— ::she glanced towards Ferier. :: —it may
    require an emergency implantation. Prepare sickbay to receive the patient, and
    for the procedure itself. Doctor Hahn is still aboard, he'll be able to assist
    you if you need it.


    Yiggtissi: =/\= Understood sir. =/\=


    Reynolds: =/\= Ensign Fortune, I want you to
    speak to Lieutenant Lanta and make sure this procedure is fully considered, and
    that he's as prepared as he can be. =/\=


    Fortune: =/\= Aye, sir.=/\=


    Reynolds: Lieutenant Lanta, report to sickbay.
    Speak with Fortune and Yiggtissi. ::She paused, and added more quietly.:: And
    only go through with this if you feel it's the right thing for *you*. You're
    not a sacrificial lamb.


    Lanta: Yes Sir.


    ::Ferier left with a spring in his step. Emilia watched as he left the bridge intently, she glanced at him once again. Almost begging for him not to go. But nothing happened as he disappeared through that turbolift. Would he come back as a different man with the same face she fell in love with? All Emilia could do was pray, that by some chance he still loves her when he’s back from that operating table.::


    Marshall: =/\= Lieutenant Marshall to the Bridge. =/\=


    Sevo: =/\= Bridge. =/\=


    Marshall: =/\= In shuttle bay two with Sim and
    Smith. There's no sign of a hasty exit from here, and we've got a full
    complement of shuttlecraft. Ensign Kian seems to be at the centre of all this.
    She's no longer registering on the ship. =/\=


    Reynolds: =/\= No. She's aboard a ship heading
    for Klingon space. =/\=


    Sevo: =/\= Have you figured out what she was up
    to on the ship while we were out? =/\=


    Krugol: =/\= No, i dare say we haven’t. =/\=


    Marshall: =/\= We're investigating two avenues now — what Kian was working on prior to the public catalepsy, and who they greeted coming off the shuttlecraft. When we've got a beat on either, we'll update. =/\=


    Reynolds: =/\= I don't know if what Ensign Kian
    was working on will be much help. It appears that she's not Ensign Kian
    anymore. It might be best to focus on who came aboard, and follow the leads
    from there. =/\=


    Marshall: =/\= Understood, Sir. =/\=


    Reynolds: =/\= Very good. Bridge out. =/\=


    Reynolds: Any luck locating Kian?


    Sevo: No, sir. The particle trail is decaying
    too quickly, and we’re not even sure if it’s legitimate. Only thing we could
    tell for sure was that it was heading towards Klingon space, but they could
    easily change direction once outside of our sensor range.


    Krugol: We’ve saved their course heading to the compute memory banks, but we should also be careful we’re not following a false trail, commander. ::Emilia replied in a sterner than usual voice.::


    Reynolds: Response


    Sevo: Admiral, sir! Request permission to leave the bridge!


    Reynolds: Response


    Sevo: I want to be there for Ferier’s


    ::Emilia said nothing to the trill before her. There was nothing to say to her.::


    Reynolds: Response?


    Sevo: I have the utmost faith in Doctor
    Yiggtissi’s skills, but the Joining is a delicate procedure, and there’s more
    to it than just some quick surgery. Ferier will need emotional and moral
    support as well. Besides, if there are any complications during the procedure,
    I can advise Doctor Yiggtissi. I have been through the Joining five times,
    after all. Sir.


    ::Emilia bit her lip, fighting back the inevitable waves upon waves of tears welling up in her tear ducts. Sevo had a point, but how could Emilia just sit there while the man she loved basically had his entire personality overwritten. Her breathing heavy, Emilia tried not to say anything to Aiyana, but it proved even harder to try and speak as well as hold back the jet of tears in her tear ducts.::


    Krugol: I-... ::Emilia spoke, with a shaky voice.:: A-Are you sure that’s the best course of action..? W-While i don’t doubt your expertise commander… nor do i intend to sound i-Insubordinate. B-But family members, friends and *lovers* typically attend a joining ::Emilia’s face began to turn a deep shade of crimson. A gentle tear slipped down her cheek, landing on the console in front of her.:: b-but, it’s not my place to question your decisions, sir.


    Reynolds: Response


    ::Emilia’s eyes began to buckle under the waves forming in her tear ducts. Quietly she attempted to choke back her shaky sobs.::


    Krugol: R-Right, I apologise. I know my place is on the bridge sir. B-But I-I...


    Reynolds/Sevo: Response?


    ::Suddenly all at once her eyes began to water uncontrollably. Emilia covered her mouth with a shaky hand, attempting to soften the sobs to no avail. She felt so helpless, trapped in a shell of her own morals. Unable to work up the nerve to save the man she loves, but at what cost would it be at? Was Emilia truly being so selfish that she’d carelessly throw away years of memories and experience in the hopes that her relationship would last? It was almost traumatic, the man she loved would be but a shell of the man she knew once he leaves that operating suite.::


    Krugol: I-I’m so s-sorry, I-I just I-I..


    Reynolds/Sevo: Response?

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  3. A D'Delnor Skewering
    A warbird filled with enemies supplied
    Of mighty weapons, and against the tide,
    Lieutenant zh'Aella, the story's told,
    Led a team so brave and bold.
    Storm the Bridge, they did attack
    Under hails of gunfire, did our lumberjack,
    Seize the moment, crisp and clean, 
    To wrestle an Andorian, twice as mean.
    A choke hold, with thighs of steel,
    Turned her aggressor from blue to teal,
    A scuffle, this was, amidst such pressure,
    When spotting a dagger, a knife, a treasure.
    Saw his opening, did our hellish foe,
    And skewered our girl from head to toe.
    But did she feel it? Not at all
    For it affirmed her rivals downfall.
    PO Brooks a-patched and aided,
    While zh'Aella lay on the deck, a-bladed,
    Blood a-pouring from a wound still free, 
    She was approaching her apogee.
    Brooks, fearing this a fruitless task,
    Opened up a foul-smelling flask,
    zh'Aella, replied with the hope of a Cadet,
    "Very reassuring PO, but I'm not dead yet."
    A battle raged on the deck by Officers akin,
    The self-destruct, a plan, a lynchpin,
    To blow the ship and beam off speedily
    An order followed quite obediently.
    When all were transported, the deck aflame
    Back home to the Gorkon, lame and maim,
    Brooks could be heard, tone perplexed,
    "First Andorian blood and then vomit, what is next?"
    Written by Lt jg Jo Marshall. :)
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  4. My question n such a society would be what happens to those on the edge of society the hobos the tramps do they simply cease to exist despite some people nowadays choosing a hobo style lifestyle,. If indeed we do earn energy by working isn't this now a barter society where you "earn" energy you can exchange for housing food or clothing.

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