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  1. I wasn't keen on season one it seemed very poor even in comparison to other season 1's of other star trek series. This episode I really enjoyed. I hope it continues to get even better. Tilly is awesome, Burnham is still really annoying.
  2. I voted something else as i feel they all have very different challenges as well as positive points to them
  3. Pholin is always a pleasure to chat with on the discord channel too
  4. Another dutch or is it dutchinese you guys are taking over lol welcome aboard my friend enjoy
  5. I believe all of the above. FNS should be reporting on every aspect. When you buy a newspaper it doesn't just have the new it has current affairs sports film reviews guides etc I see the FNS doing exactly the same.
  6. ((Stoyer’s Quarters, Deck 5, USS Gorkon)) (OOC - This take place after Cory is released from medical.) ::Cory stood outside the door to his quarters. As the last days have shown, he normally would ask where Petra was better heading home. But after everyone has told him it was past time they talked. He did not know what he was going to say, but seeing how mad she was when she came by medical, Cory was not looking forward to this. On top of that, he was sure that the skipper would know what happened and a stern talking to was coming.:: oO Great, that was go
  7. HCO for me is the obvious choice. Let's face it on graduation it is immediate bridge crew. Ops is the backbone of a ship and is a great way to prepare for command
  8. (( Corridors en route to Main Sickbay - USS Gorkon )) :: Ayiana and Emilia had taken the ride in the turbolift down to Deck 7 in silence. Much to Ayiana’s embarrassment, she had completely overlooked the thought that Krugol would want to be with Ferier’s side. She didn’t even know the pair had any sort of relationship, at least not outside the quickly fading Dream. Then again, Ayiana was often quite oblivious and dense to such things. Her motivation for being at Ferier’s side during the Joining was to make sure it went well, and that she was there in case Ferier or Doctor Yiggtiss
  9. This post with Emilia's feelings on show really hit me in the feels enjoy guys ((Bridge – USS Gorkon)) ::Upon seeing what she saw, Emilia regretted being right in her judgement. A woman appeared on screen, a trill she didn’t recognise. The woman stared mockingly at the bridge crew, her glare was like that of a basilisk. Watchfully staring into the viewscreen, almost hoping one would cower in fear from the woman in the tacky white suit.:: Reynolds: ::Murmured,:: Ensign Kian? Sevo: :: Muttering. :: That’s not Kian... Lladr
  10. I have loved this mission finally I got to be the evil I was destined to be.
  11. Many conratz to every winner and all nominated you all do a fantastic job. Many many thanks to the organisers who did an amazing job
  12. A D'Delnor Skewering A warbird filled with enemies supplied Of mighty weapons, and against the tide, Lieutenant zh'Aella, the story's told, Led a team so brave and bold. Storm the Bridge, they did attack Under hails of gunfire, did our lumberjack, Seize the moment, crisp and clean, To wrestle an Andorian, twice as mean. A choke hold, with thighs of steel, Turned her aggressor from blue to teal, A scuffle, this was, amidst such pressure, When spotting a dagger, a knife, a treasure.
  13. My question n such a society would be what happens to those on the edge of society the hobos the tramps do they simply cease to exist despite some people nowadays choosing a hobo style lifestyle,. If indeed we do earn energy by working isn't this now a barter society where you "earn" energy you can exchange for housing food or clothing.
  14. IMO The Borg, lets face it all the other villians(with the exception of Q) had a weakness that once found literally destroyed them The Borg are unrelenting and able to take massive losses this makes them the most dangerous
  15. I see replicators as our microwaves as such they are convenient, quick and simple to use. Therefore as a means of getting food and drinks they are invaluable saving time for more important things
  16. Yes a few Trill I appear to be the only unjoined one though hopefully that wont be the case for too long
  17. Wow another of us Trill, this is the start of the Trill take over welcome aboard dwalterubc Joined or unjoined Trill?
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