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  1. Cadet Kol glanced at the huge artificial dome that stood like a wide opened sky on his head. Kol Rennar had left his shuttle just 20 minutes ago, and now He was curiously walking on a Promenade in the Commercial Sector of the SB118. It was very surprising how the buildings, in their shape, were reflecting the different cultures styles. He have voluntariliy avoided the Ashalla distric. Despite the fact that He was 100% Bajoran, that he grew up in Bajor He felt a not very comfortable feeling reminding his origin. There was something unexplained within him, but consciously expressed by his actions that needed to stay away from anything associated with the concept of Bajoran's bigotry. He didn't believe in the legendary Prophets, by his pragmatic point of view They were only aliens who live in the timeless folds of a whormhole, and surely They were not gods or idols in the proper religious terms. And all the tradition connected with this kind of faith were a perversion of reason and made him feel uncomfortable. So even the architecture were reflecting this restriced vision of life, bajoran typical approach. He believed in a common life energy field that was radicated in any form of life, someone may call it "God", anyway He saw himself like a spiritual man, but not in the way Bajoran religion pretended him to be! Kol Rennar was a man of science, ready to find any innovative way to describe the nature with the Language of math, Now He knew that something new was approaching his life. The training program for cadet was waiting for him, and it was an Amazing experience that He didnt' want to lose. Something outsided was waitinf for his contribution to the cause of science and discovery, to reveal the unrevealed and explore the innovative frontier of knowledge. And there was not a Prophet that may support of him, only the hope for a new life, far and away from his bigotry tradition. Looking around him He saw another cadet, a girl. She was human or anyway appeared such. She was blond haired and she was waking a pair of steps Beyond him along the Promenade of the Ohmallera District. He tried to reach her, but the crowd swallowed her and He lost her track soon. He found alone again, whille the typical betazoid buildings surrounded him. A voice from his back took his attemption. "Hey cadet, Are you trying to follow me?". It was the girl's voice. Kol turned and found her just near his back. "Well..not exactly. I was simply trying to find someone to spend this time together", he paused, "my name is Kol, Cadet Kol Rennar, from..". she interrupted him "from Bajor. This one it was not so difficult to identify, even without any psichic capacity. Pleased to meet you, I'm Kalinda." "From Betazed, I presume?" said Kol referring to the "psichic capacity". She nodded "This place make me feel at home in a certain way, and you? What do you think about Ashalla District?" "That it remind me my home and I prefer to stay here in your sort of hometown". She glanced at him and they started to walk together. no more, no less than a new life with probably new friend, He thought while they was talking kindly with Kalinda.
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