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  1. Wilhelm Bosworth

    Roll Call question.

    Yep. I've seen the emails coming in. I'll get to them after work.
  2. Wilhelm Bosworth

    Roll Call question.

    I replied to the roll call, but did not receive any kind of response yet. Don't want to miss the window. Wondering if it was received.
  3. Wilhelm Bosworth

    official Arrival at StarBase 118 - introduce your character here!

    Wilhelm makes it to his quarters and immediately sets his bags down beside the bed. He heads to the mirror, in the washroom to straighten his beard. He scratches at his newly trimmed side burns, and brushes his hand over his very short hair, before running his fingers through his beard of black hair. Not too many humans keep a beard as long as his, but he likes the way it looks. "Finally made it" he said to himself, knowing his parents would be proud of his accomplishments. He quickly changes into some off duty clothes before heading out the door, hoping to spend some time in Little Risa before going on duty for orientation.

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