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  1. Cadet Knight woke form his sleep and sat up wide eyed "today's the day" he thought computer music on he shot form his bunk as beetles classical music play at full volume much louder than any normal Terran should be able to stand, a result of his toddler years of playing with homemade primitive but deadly gunpowder experiments of his. pulling on his cadet uniform as he mouthed the words of the song ,making sure that everything was just right on his uniform "gotta look sharp" he thought as he combed his dark brown hair making sure it was just right. satisfied with his appearance in the mirror he installed in his room ,most cadets just use the computer reflections system but it just wasn't the same. grabbing his already packed duffel form under his bunk. "Computer, music off" he said suddenly becoming aware of his neighbor pounding on the wall "how rude", computer save audio to external storage" the computer came back "audio files saved to external storage" "thank you" he said as he retrieved the storage device form a terminal near the door. the pounding had stopped, David smiled he had programmed the computer in his neighbors room to play his music at full volume every time the lights off command was given, revenge for going straight to the academy student liaison and not simply asking him to turn it down. walking out of his old room he stopped far enough for his door to close and held his hand in the air counting down form three to one when his music could be heard form his old neighbors room at full volume. "Early bird gets the worm" he yelled out to the hallway, continuing to the docking ring where he was set to meet his shuttle for transport to the U.S.S MONGOOSE, his first assignment. he couldn't help but think of the possibilities of traveling stars and the adventures he would have, which was why he was headed out early for his shuttle "nothing would stop him form making this shuttle" he thought. his thoughts broke as he noticed a pair of female cadets coming the opposite way of him "Good morning" he said as he passed and turned and starting walking backwards to watch them go, just noticing one of their heads turn before smacking into some one behind them. the collision resulting both him and the stranger landing on the ground, hopping back to feet as fast as he could with remarkable quickness for his lanky figure and looking down at his fellow cadet still on the ground. "If it isn't the shadiest helmsman Star fleet has to offer, Mr. cook how are you on such a fine morning" "That's cadet cook to you and to think star fleet wants to trust you with its weapons systems" replied cook "To be fair i was distracted and not just tactical operations i did some intelligence courses too" said Knight "Uh huh, you just remember curiosity killed the Klingon now move out the way your going to make me late for my shuttle" said cook looking down at Knights duffel laying on the ground "no" "Oh yes, just think about it the best helmsman and the best tactical officer that star fleet has ever seen, what could possibly go wrong" "Maybe its not too late transfer to another ship" said cook Cadet David Knight: RACE: Terran HEIGHT: 6'0" WEIGHT: 165 HAIR COLOR: Dark Brown EYE COLOR: Hazel PRIMARY FIELD: Tactical SECONDARY FIELD: Intelligence MARITAL STATUS: Single
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