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  1. Please let them have the old red uniforms. Those were cool. 😎
  2. I'd go for Quark haha He always had the worst of luck, especially when it comes to business opportunities. 😄
  3. Or the Excelsior Class. Love me some NX-2000 haha I liked the idea of the Nebula Class with the interchangeable modules it could equip. Shame it looks like a Nebula Class though haha
  4. An expedition to another Galaxy would be awesome.
  5. Wow thanks I'm really happy at how this one turned out too. It was a nice sort of conclusion for Raven.
  6. Some really helpful info here for a budding Stellar Cartographer like me
  7. This one will stick with Raven for a while. Some awesome tough love there
  8. I love it. It really is like an evolution of the uniform from Ent era to TOS. DSC is now the missing link.
  9. Yeah. Star Trek Pulp Fiction is a big no-no for me.
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