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  1. An expedition to another Galaxy would be awesome.
  2. Wow thanks I'm really happy at how this one turned out too. It was a nice sort of conclusion for Raven.
  3. Some really helpful info here for a budding Stellar Cartographer like me
  4. Hi, I just want to let everyone know how much I'm enjoying the training program at the academy. I'm falling in love with my character already and i'm really looking forward to joining a crew soon 🖖
  5. Thank you very much, I'm looking forward to it.
  6. Hey there, I'm Dave Young from Scotland and this will be my first ever role play haha I have been an avid fan of each of the Star Trek series since I was very young, particularly TNG and VOY. I also enjoy creative writing so naturally when I stumbled across the existence of this community I applied immediately! I'm really looking forward to participating in the training sessions to learn the ropes, then progressing into a role within the United Federation of Planets. My plan is to create a character of the same name as myself who specializes in the sciences. Perhaps a stellar cartographer. At the very least I would love to play the part of a character holding a tricorder rather than a phaser on away missions haha
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