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  1. IRL I have had a fundamentally life-changing experience as a Christian. So changed, when I was beginning to create Eli I couldn’t imagine him without that same changed mentality and approach to life. So I play a lot with my Christianity in Eli: selfishly, I think, more often than not, but I really enjoy the opportunity to explore the extremities of my own philosophy and to do that in a community that is so accepting and support
  2. This is a super powerful little vignette into the individual minds of the faceless mob of people affected by the conflict in our stories! If D’varo came back last in our collective storyline that would be cool, but it would be incredibly interesting to just let him appear and disappear from the story; to allow him just enough time to make the audience feel a faceless man’s face. It was written by Jo Marshall, btw
  3. (( Outside - Ih’aesn Agricultural Administration Building )) ::Their people were sick and dying, and all their acting Governor could care about was repairing the verteron array. ::The Romulan male huddled inside his thick coat at the fringes of the protest line; watching, waiting, thinking, slowly disintegrating. The Hawking hadn't been enough to continue their scientific experiments; they'd called in backup. Now they were being invaded by the Gorkon and their teams. He wondered what lies they would be told in the building; the virus had only just been disco
  4. This was the best sim I've read in a long time! The history is so rich! I love all the links so you can go and see each scene individually, they're like optional flashbacks. And that last line: "So don’t screw up." That needs to be my life motto. Is there any better way to sum up the fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants attitude you have to adopt when you take on command?? Thoroughly well done Commander!
  5. (( Ayiana’s Quarters, USS Gorkon )) :: Ayiana stared into the mirror and saw a stranger looking back. :: :: It was the collar. It felt so alien. Funny how a simple change in pigment could add the weight of the world, or in this case, the ship, on one’s shoulders. The red didn’t just signify a change in department; Ayiana was taking on the most important job on the ship, next to the Commanding Officer, of course. :: :: Ayiana was leaning forward against her bathroom counter, her arms propping her up. Her hair was immaculate, save for a few wispy strands hangi
  6. ::Katie was just a little transfixed by the sun glinting off the Caitian’s fur.:: Vayne: oO Soft kitty, warm ki… No, you’re a Starfleet officer! Oo OMG! That’s racist! . . . right?
  7. I love map making! I accurately charted the stars within a 100 light year radius of Earth to scale for a science project once. I make 2D and 3D maps, but I’ve never made anything interactive and they’re not pretty (B&W, designed primarily for reference data). I would love to help with making something astronomically realistic when (not if) we start on this.
  8. This isn't necessarily funny on its face, but when I consider the fact that Ayiana could have said something like "high-protein energy bar" or "calorie dense meal" instead of "dessert" it makes me laugh because I picture the starfish as some huge, fat guy chasing flying honeybuns with twinkies for nacelles around the nebula, lol.
  9. I just wanted to tell you that I loved your scientific analysis of the Seraphim and Subspace Starfish! That's the kind of stuff I live for in this game! I actually wrote up something similar just for my own personal use, but never posted it anywhere. Your report makes the science we encounter real and fascinating and I just wanted to thank you for putting real thought into it. And not just real thought, but real ethical dilemmas! I mean, who knows who else might accidentally wander into the nebula in the future. If we don't close the fissures they're blood is on our hands. And thanks for making sure to take my small contributions into account, even little details in Seneca's sim, I really appreciate that.

    1. Ayiana Sevo

      Ayiana Sevo

      Thanks! I hadn't done one in a long time. You can see my past ones on my wiki. I always enjoyed doing those at the end of a mission (or at least the ones that I could wrangle a scientific explanation out of). I always enjoyed the technobabble and fictional physics of Star Trek. 

      Have you thought of doing something like that from an Engineer's point-of-view? It would be really interesting.

  10. Vess: Look like one of my exes…::It was like some kind of starfish from hell. It was huge,::
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