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  1. Thank you both for putting in the work on this. You two did great. ~Patrick
  2. Is there any coordination of the world building to provide a common direction and to prevent contradictions? Does the Wiki team handle this or do they just handle the technical aspects of the wiki? ~Patrick
  3. Yeah, this is one of those things that always bugged me a bit, or at least it did once I was old enough to view these kinds of thing with a bit more of an analytical eye. It makes sense from a production and writing standpoint, but it results in what feels like a lack of depth to the world. Think of your friends and family. How many are fans of 17th and 18th century culture? Sure, we have more disposable income with leads to more popular culture items to consume than they did 300-400 years ago, but as we move towards a post scarcity culture, and then add in countless other cultures pro
  4. Yeah, I'd have to go with either Cardassian or Romulan. Mostly because they are fairly close to a Federation standard already. They'd need to weed out the blatant corruption and or dictatorial trends, but I think they already feel comfortable with the basic concepts. ~Patrick
  5. We play by e-mail. Each ship/station has a google groups list (two actually, one for IC posts and one for OOC chats) that we use to play. ~Patrick
  6. As with Jalana, it depends on the character with me. My Trill doesn't follow any religions (I swear I'm not copying you @Jalana). My Secondary follows the Kerelian faith. Of my PNPCs my Marine at the Embassy is Catholic, and my Betazed follows the Betazed faiths. So far it's a back ground thing for my Kerelian and my Betazoid, I haven't found a good method for bringing it to the fore yet, I really don't want to force it. ~Patrick
  7. This is a hard question and I'm not sure I have a good answer to this. All of those options are designed as antagonists for the Protagonist, The Federation. Each of those species, ideally, occupy a specific kid of role. The Ferengi sit as an opposite on the economic scale of the Federation. The Klingons serve as a violent mirror to the Federations, supposed, pacifism. Romulans are the Machiavellian mirror to the Federation's White Knight, while the Cardassians are the mirror for Starfleet specifically. The Breen are a mysterious enemy, and the Tholians are the personification of Alien.
  8. @Sal Taybrim It's Risa, so yeah, probably. ~Patrick
  9. Well you should have gone to your 5 year last year. Now you just have to take a plain old vacation. ~Patrick
  10. @Brayden Jorey What year did Brayden graduate, he can always make the excuse to go back for the reunion. ~Patrick
  11. Yep, back home to visit family on Trill. Some time with family in the country is always welcome. Most of my PNPCs would probably take the resort. ~Patrick
  12. For a Mobile Station kind of ship I would want a good 50 to 100 decks. The Chariot class only has 19. I'd want the ship to just feel massive. Maybe some of the lower decks could be a kind of docking extension allowing other ships to dock directly with the Mobile Station. I'm not sure. For game purposes there would need to be some definite trade offs so it was just able to do everything. ~Patrick
  13. Oh yeah, if it was a full time ship you'd need everyone. I would feel obligated to let prospective crew know that mission types will be skewed in a specific direction so no one felt stuck. For the Science and Engineer only, I more meant if say My posting at the Embassy wanted to do something out of the box we could run a mission where everyone draws up a new SNPC, as we have a standalone mission on a different ship to better run a mission type that we wouldn't normally really run. In that case, for a single mission I could see encouraging most people to draw up a specific type of charac
  14. That would also be an interesting ship type to have. Some kind of cut down Olympic class ship to get things started while the regular hospital ship are still in transit. Game wise I wonder what a specialize ship would be like. Limiting mission type would lead to some sense of repetition, and would limit your crew choices. I wonder if a crew could do a "Everyone make an SCE or Science SNPC, we're doing a spin off mission this go round" kind of thing from time to time.
  15. For the game, I've been ruminating on the idea of designing something that would fit in as both Base and Ship. A Large ship that can serve as a mobile outpost of sorts. It could go into a sector that doesn't have much Starfleet presence and set up shop. It could serve as a diplomatic and exploration hub, but also be mobile enough that it could change location to suit the continuing story needs of the crew. Maybe build in a sort of embedded defiant class ship that can break off and be the mission ship for the Larger hub ship (Like the Thor is for the Embassy). Make the big ship low com
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