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  1. I do like canon and see it as a great reference for building good stories but the more canon there is, the more limits there are. So I'm all for bending canon to craft a great story.
  2. (( Corridor, Deck Nine, USS Gorkon )) :: A set of dark eyes peered down the length of the corridor from a corner between the door that had magically brought him up to the current hiding spot. Bipeds walked from one end of the carpeted hallway to another, and back again. Or was that a different primate? He couldn’t tell these days, he’d seen so many. They all tended to look the same. Limited variation of coat, finite colour styles of hair. Boring beasts with big hands and sickly sensibilities.:: :: The door to his left shunted open and a set of legs walked out in front of him, passing
  3. Hey Lex, welcome to the fleet! I've been on a DS9 rewatch lately (thank you, Netflix) and I'm appreciating the Bajorans so much more this time around.
  4. I actually want to see this conversation.
  5. I'm there with ya. As for why I chose this group, I'd searched around for a few days and visited several websites. Overall, I found this one to have a more cohesive feel to the website; the layout was organised and easy to use and there is enough diversity in the Sims without the sheer number of them being overwhelming. I also peeked at the community forums to get an idea of activity and friendliness and it swayed me.
  6. Hey guys, new recruit here. I'll go by Kyso (I have a thing with the online world and identity etc etc) and I'm in Sydney, Australia, though I originated from the UK. I'm a graphic designer and writer. It used to purely be screenwriting but I've transitioned to comic book writing over the past year. Prose is not my strong suit but it's a skill I want to develop and really hoping to do that here with you fine folk. I used to be part of a few PBeM sims in the SLA, over a decade ago now (on dial-up... eesh) but life pulled me away from that. I've got dogs, cats, and guinea pigs; the who
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