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About Me

T'Bel was born in 2348 (as is measured on earth, making her 62). T'Bel was the only child of T'Bes, an instructor at the Vulcan Science Academy, and her husband Sorel a highly decorated Federation Ambassador.

Per Vulcan tradition, T'Bell was bonded with a Vulcan named Koras while they were children and expected to marry as adults. Although she decided to not go through this arranged once she graduated from the academy

As a child, T'Bel's path in life was inspired T'Pol the first Vulcan to be part of starfleet and this against the authority of the Vulcan High Council.

Approximately 10 years before joining Starfleet Academy, T'Bel served as an agent for the Vulcan intelligence service, which she later resigned from as her true asperation was to join Starfleet.
T'Bel, who is described by her superiors as a maverick and a rebel, has always been fascinated by humanity, their ability to adapt no matter the circumstances, to never quit no matter how the much the odds are against them.
This has led her to let go a bit of her rigid nature, and she has tried to emulate human traits. Which sometimes lead to uncontrolled bursts of emotions.

During the Iconian War, T'Bel was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant by Captain Paris on bord the U.S.S. where she greatly improved her piloting skills.

At the end of the war she took part in the negociations that brokered the agreements to further sustain the peace and cooperation within The Alliance between the Federation, The KDF, and the Romulan Republic,

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