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  1. I actually almost feel bad for him. He isn't actually guilty of treason. Just being an absolute tool... And everyone on the Atlantis just keeps being so damn mean to him...😆
  2. I almost cried real good ole wet years reading this one. Of course, no one really likes reading about themselves being fried into crispy bits o' ash...
  3. As an outsider looking in, I had the same tingles while reading this as I did the first time I saw Kirk and crew fly out and gaze upon the Enterprise A... Well done, sir.
  4. Ughh. Thanks for the love, but there are soooo many grammatical issues with this sim. 😭
  5. This is one of the greatest communities I've ever been with. Everyone here just seems to invite and accept everyone. Marvelous place to be. Welcome to the fleets
  6. Welcome aboard! (I've been here less than a month and already feel like an old fart. New people arriving all the time. Awesome!)
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