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  1. Hello All

    Sweet Thanks Wolf
  2. Hello All

    Ok I know I have a ton of questions lol but I see Symbiont and Trill on the permitted species list can we be a joined Trill then?
  3. Hello All

    I wanted to go with a Pacific islander feel I have been looking trying to figure out if a race fits like a tropical region race.
  4. Hello All

    Thank you I really apperciate the feedback and the advice I am excited to be here.
  5. Hello All

    Hello, I wanted to say Hi to my new friends and family here at UFOP my name is Dustin I live in Iowa so I start training soon and very excited so I started working on my new character and was wondering if anyone was looking for family members or suggested race to play? I am pretty open and always liked the idea of having a connection with other players.