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  1. Hey Guys, I'll be playing Harold Turak and I actually graduated a while back but had to leave cause of time commitments. I am hoping a second go at this will be successful. Still remember a few people there were a lot of help when I was here last. Hopefully everything is going great, about 20 years I heard.
  2. The day has finally come, the future awaits...my future that is. Harold takes a gander around the transport vessel that he is on and finds that there are many conflicting emotions running through him. He should be excited about this new phase of his life, but at the same time terrified that he will find a way to screw it up. The situation from the very beginning was not of my own choosing... joining Star Fleet that is. The casual observer will undoubtedly discern that Mr. Turak is most assuredly human with the shape of a man that is fit from all the training that Harold has gone through
  3. Hello There and I am new to this community. My real first name is Travis from West Michigan, USA. I found this group ironically enough when i was looking for Star Trek RPG. Only thing that are out there really is the Online Video game, the Audio Drama Podcast : Star Trek Outpost, and RPG Podcast from Burn Everything. I thought i would give this a go and I work the Pepsi Beverage Group and no you can not have free Pepsi haha.
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