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  1. Salutations and all that, I am Kasper, the friendly graphic designer and a long time roleplayer since late 2008. I go by he/him. I am twenty one, still working my way through this great sea of life. I work in child care as a Infant Teacher, caring for the future. I am also in college for, you guessed it, graphic design. I found this group through The Rook Awards website. I have been a fan of Star Trek for an admittedly short time, since 2015. I am a late Trekkie haha. However I still enjoy it deeply. I have watched the classics, TNG, and Voyager. I have Deep Space Nine on my list but I'm slow going on that. I am a cosplayer and have cosplayed as Lt. Commander Data last month for my city's comic con. It was a lot of fun and never before have I been asked to take so many photos xD. Side note; Did you know that Kathryn Janeway appeared in an episode of Murder She Wrote? As did Q! I was so pleasantly surprised to see those great actors on one of my favorite tv shows.
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