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  1. Dominic Reed

    official Arrival at StarBase 118 - introduce your character here!

    Name: Dominic Reed Rank: Cadet Specialty: Tactical Date of Birth: 19 May 2372 Home: Clarksville, TN, Earth Species/Gender/Race: Human; Male; Caucasian Height: 5'8" Weight: 205 lbs. Hair: Light Brown, crewcut Body: slight athletic build Cadet Dominic Reed stepped off of the transport and onto the arrival platform at Starbase 118. Checking his PADD, he noticed that he was not due to meet with his training officer for another two hours, so he decided to spend some time in the New Orleans sub-district. After doing a little sight-seeing, he decided to grab a bite to eat. Since there was not a Sisko's restaurant available, Dominic settled on a Cajun restaurant call Bien Vendredi. The gumbo and crawfish etouffe were pretty tasty and the mint julep went down smooth. Shortly after finishing his meal, Dominic received a message on his PADD. It was from Lt. Mitchell, his training officer, asking him to report to him on the Promenade. He proceeded to there as quickly as possible without trying to look like he was in a hurry. A few minutes later, he arrived to check in. "Cadet Dominic Reed, reporting for duty, sir", he said, somewhat out of breath. "At ease, Cadet. We have plenty of time. Orders, please", Lt. Mitchell said. Dominic handed over his PADD and Mitchell reviewed it. After pressing a few buttons, he replied, "Okay, Reed, you are officially checked in. Your quarters are Apartment 543 on Deck 789. Get some rest; you're gonna need it in the morning. We'll assemble here at 0600." Dominic thanked him and proceeded to his assigned quarters. Upon arrival, he saw that his roommate, a Ferengi, had already settled in. "Cadet Dominic Reed. Good to meet you, Cadet...?" "Cadet Grek. Good to meet you, Reed", he responded with a eager handshake. "I can't wait to get started on our training cruise. My specialty is Tactical. How about you?" "I am also trained in Tactical. I don't blame you for being excited; I am, too. Who knows, maybe we'll be lucky enough to be assigned to the same ship after the training cruise." "That sounds nice", Grek said. The two roommates spent most of the night getting to know each other a little more before 'Taps' at 2200 hours. Dominic somehow knew he and Grek would become good friends.
  2. Dominic Reed

    Questions about our group

    I'm not sure if this is the appropriate place to ask this question, but here goes. When filling out my application, I listed 'Security' as my primary specialty. I want to change it to 'Tactical'. How would I do so?

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