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  1. Hey guys. I'm playing Desmond Karsh. My real names Edgar but feel free to call me Ed. I'm from Scotland and found this group on google. I'm currently in Uni but my last year so gonna be joining the workforce pretty soon. Happy to meet everyone here and can't wait to play with any and all of you
  2. Desmond couldn't help but smile when looking around. Sure he both heard about it from people who previously been here and read it every where how it was one of the biggest achievements, and standing here in the middle of all of it he was more than likely to agree. He was in the San Francisco district, he needed the familiarity especially since he didn't really know when's the next time he'd be able to see anything similar to earth, projections not included.. Familiarity was safe it also meant less chance of creating trouble by doing something you weren't aware you're not allowed to. Since
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