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  1. After arrival Sorel just did not really know what to do. He was not prepared for free time. Finally being here, he realised he did not feel prepared for anything. He started wandering, his feet taking him to crowded areas he'd rather not be at. His black eyes sought the crowd for any other cadets, but they seemed to have left the area without him. He licked his eternally dry lips, trying to find something a little more quiet to stop his sensitive Vulcan ears from overloading him with unneeded conversations brought over as jumbled up words in too many languages. The hybrid went with the f
  2. Hello everyone! I'm Sorel Kaidun (just my character name, since I see no purpose in knowing my real name.) I am from space the Netherlands. I was looking up information for a fanfiction I'm writing (just a story in the Star Trek universe, nothing really interesting) and came across the wiki page. Curiosity got the best of me and here I am. I am currently in my senior year in high school and will (hopefully) graduate this year. Next year I will be going to the University of Amsterdam and study artificial intelligence there. If that does not work out for me, I'll try med-school, because my secon
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