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  1. Hello! I generally go by Jo, and I'm pretty excited to have found this group; I've done a lot of roleplaying before, but never anything to do with the Star Trek universe. I'm from the Netherlands, so English is definitely not my first language, but I feel I can work with it pretty well as it's used in most of my classes. I don't have a job yet, but I spend most of my rare free time on drawing (see icon ) and RPing. I'm looking forward to working with the character I made for here, and developing it a bit!
  2. With one arm positioned against the wall of the hallway leading away from the airlock, Shrega sh'Kaakror looked at the transparent aluminum, seeing her own reflection and that of the engineer behind her, who was frantically working on the doors to the turbolift. Her antennae were pointed slightly backwards, almost like the ears of an agitated animal. It had been extremely warm on the transport vessel, they'd said it was because of some minor technical fault in the system, but none of the other humanoids on board seemed to mind. Even after all the time spent away from her home planet, she had never quite gotten used to the warm temperature most others liked. The largest part of times she could find ways to avoid extreme heat and generally slept in a colder place as well, but being confronted with a complete sensory overload like the one on the transport vessel had disoriented her quite a bit. With a short sigh, Shrega pushed herself away from the wall and stood upright, at the same moment that the human engineer stood up and wiped off his hands. "Sorry about the wait, you can use the lift now! It took a bit longer than usual because I needed to replace some components too, since some parts of it got upgraded." he explained, and the Andorian shen-female nodded. "Though we're running smoothly, we always need more people. You for engineering?" Shrega looked at him, confused for a moment, but then realized what he meant and shook her head. 'Oh, no. Security.' she quickly said. He nodded. "Should've guessed, you have pretty broad shoulders for an Andorian." The human picked up his tools with a grunt and started walking down the hallway. "Well, good luck, cadet!" he said as he passed her, and she gave him a polite nod. 'Thanks, you too' Shrega quickly entered the turbolift, and was swiftly on her way to the level where the holodeck she was supposed to be at was located. As soon as she stepped out of the lift, she realized she was much too early for the appointment, despite the waiting she had to do at the turbolift door. For a moment she stood there, looking around and unsure of what to do next. It was busy here, there were shops with all kinds of goods to sell -mainly food, though- and creatures of a wide variety of races standing around. Some were sitting at a table alone, either resting or working on something on a padd, while others were conversing in small groups. Shrega quickly pulled out a chair to rest on and folded her arms before putting them on the table. Normally, she'd probably be more interested in the things going on around her, but she knew she needed to get some rest after the exhausting heat from the transport if she wanted to be at her best later today. With her antennae as close to her head as possible so they'd pick up as little sensory signals, she watched her enviroment using just her eyes. It was significantly less effective, which annoyed her greatly, but also less exhausting if she wanted to recharge. She seemed to be in the 'human city' part of the commercial sector, and it definitely wasn't hard to recognize. Though there were a few klingons nearby, and a vulcan seemed to be selling wares further off, most people doing business had the pink-to-brown skin hues and round ears commonly seen with the terrans. The humanoid closest to her had something called 'potato salad' on the menu, and she thought for a moment. She still had more than enough time to get something eat, and not consuming anything for as long as she had would make any andorian feel annoyed and aggressive. In a human enviroment, that probably wasn't the best for her reputation. Shrega pushed herself up with her arms from her chair and walked off to get the exotic-sounding salad. [Name:] Shrega sh'Kaakror [Species:] Andorian (100%) [Gender:] Shen female [Physical appearance:] Shrega definitely isn't above the average Andorian height, and maybe even slightly below it. However, this 'lost height' seems to have been accounted for in her broad shoulders and muscle mass. She has a small scar underneath her left eye from a past incident, and her blue skin and pale hair aren't much different from those of any member of her race. Unlike the rest of her appearance, her eyes do seem to have a bit of the 'gracefulness' an outsider would expect from Andorians. She doesn't have any unusual heritage mixed in her bloodline, she's hundred percent andorian, it's just that she has a bit of a different build.
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