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  1. Howdy, gang. My name's Ryan. These days I work as a Service agent for the Apple Online Store, resolving those shipping issues that happen sometimes and fielding the very angry calls that happens when they do. I live with my brothers in sunny and inhumanly humid south Florida, where we entertain ourselves with a seemingly endless array of video games, bad movies, and elaborate meals. I actually wrote for the fleet a few times before, and I can't seem to get away from writing characters with speech quirks. My first was a Selayan named Ssam Canaan, with the full on sssssibilancessss. Then I played an Iotian named Nickels for a long time (I also have kind of a thing for the goofier Trek episodes, clearly), and this new character is a Bringloidi/Mariposan with the complete vaudeville Irish accent. I'm looking forward to some adventures in space and time and sometimes both!
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