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  1. *shamelessly steals the black and white idea from @Sal Taybrim….*
  2. "The little not-fox Fox like creature popped up and farted away from them.." Leaking power cells I presume? 😂😂
  3. Hiya Ops! Lets see those fancy outfits you've all got. Come on, don't be shy!
  4. *wanders off to check Sal hasn't changed the Wiki page....*
  5. Actually really like those uniform sets. And I'm usually pretty nit-picky about things
  6. ((Starbase 118 - Marine C.I.C.)) ((1 Day After the Columbia's Return)) ::Tyler was sitting at a console in the C.I.C. filing the lengthy mission report in which he had to explain how he'd wound up flying the Columbia. He'd also had to submit a signed affidavit detailing the events surrounding Bomba's dismissal, which he'd happily provided. Fortunately, the Columbia's logs provided enough evidence to keep Bomba out of the center chair for the foreseeable future. It had been touch-and-go there for a minute, but in Tyler's opinion, the mission had been a great success in the end. Considering the state he'd been in for his last couple of missions, his own morale had made massive improvements. He'd gone on a mandatory leave to try and find some way to cope with his trauma and had very nearly found himself discharged by Starfleet Medical when he'd met the man that would help him turn it all around.:: ((Flashback - a few months earlier)) ((Utopia Planitia Support Colony - Starfleet Counseling Offices)) ::Tyler Kelly had served as a Starfleet Officer for the better part of 11 years, he'd never had the chance to set down roots or start a family. Hell, Mirra had been his first steady girlfriend in several years and even that was history now too. All these years of serving the greater good, whatever the hell that was supposed to mean, had served only to get Tyler beaten, scarred and finally marooned in the cold vacuum of space as he watched his own ship die. As he sat in the waiting room to be seen by the Counselor for his mandatory sessions, he leaned back into his chair until his head came to rest on the neutral colored wall behind him. He'd come back to Mars because it was the only place he had any history. His mother, Dana Kelly, still lived and worked there at the Fleet Yards but so far he hadn't been able to bring himself to visit her. Tyler could see her face as if she was standing right in front of him, frowning as she took in his slightly overgrown hair, scraggly beard and generally scruffy appearance. Not to mention the fact she hadn't yet seen the 3 parallel claw marks running down the left side of his face where an enraged Gorn had given him a little love tap. No, instead he spent his leave staying in uncomfortable barracks-housing and drinking too much nearly every night just so he could sleep. Tyler didn't know it, but things were about to turn around that day. Not in the counselor's office, but there, in the waiting room.:: Man: Son, you look like something the Targ dragged in. ::Tyler sat up a bit straighter as his eyes found the only other person in the waiting room that morning. He was an older man with a thick neck, square jaw and a head of close cropped silver hair. He seemed like the kind of man that had seen it all and didn't like most of it. Tyler, already aware of his rough appearance, he didn't really feel like discussing it.:: Kelly: Thanks. ::He leaned his head back against the wall.:: I hadn't noticed. ::Despite Tyler's attempt to disengage from the conversation, the man, who looked like someone's tough old grandpa crossed the room and took the seat immediately adjacent to his. Annoyed, Tyler adjusted in his seat as the man turned towards him, clearly intent on continuing the conversation.:: Man: So what's your problem? ::He narrowed his eyes curiously as he prodded.:: You're obviously Starfleet or you wouldn't be here. D'you lose some buddies? Get your [...] kicked? Tortured? ::At first Tyler was caught off guard by the man's indelicate approach, but really he preferred it to the light-handed track the counselors took. Still, he had no idea who this grizzled old grump was or why he was talking to him. He just wanted to get the mandatory counselling session over with so he could get on with his day, not chat it up with strangers.:: Kelly: I don't know, uh... ::He shook his head in confused annoyance.:: All of the above, I guess. ::He paused::...Do I know you or something? ::If the man was put-off by Tyler's attitude, he didn't let it show. He simply sat up a bit straighter, puffed out his chest a little and fixed Tyler with a proud little expression that hinted that he'd been waiting for him to ask that question.:: Man: Colonel Roderick Holland, SFMC retired. ::He chuckled in his grizzled way.:: Well, as retired as a Marine can ever be, that is. ::His gaze found Tyler's:: And I'm here, Commander Kelly, because I've been down in the same hole you're in now and I'm going to tell you how to climb out of it. ::The Colonel had used his name without Tyler ever mentioning it, it was becoming clear that his being her was no coincidence. He just wondered why he was here, and what he'd have to do to bring this strange encounter to a close.:: Kelly: Look, Colonel Holland, I don't know what you think you know about me but let me save you some trouble. ::He felt the same anger and frustration brewing that had driven away everyone who tried to help.:: I'm done. I've given my whole damn life to the fleet and what do I have to show for it? Nothing. I've got no family, what friends I do make get lost to transfer or killed, and there's no place in this god forsaken galaxy that feels like home. ::He fixed the Colonel with an icy glare.:: No, all I've gotten are a bunch of scars, ghosts that won't let me sleep and an extremely vivid memory of what it feels like to freeze to death in a frakking vacuum. ::The older man waited patiently for the tirade to end, a look that was suspiciously close to amusement playing across his face. He pulled a small worn shoulder patch from the pocket of his civilian jacket with a picture of a Galaxy Class ship and the name U.S.S. Cairo emblazoned on it. It looked to Tyler like it had been cut off an older EV suit, judging by the tattered remnants of fabric still clinging to the edges. The name didn't ring any bells, but he could tell by the reverential way the old Marine handled the patch that it held some great meaning to him.:: Holland: I have a feeling I know more about you than you know about yourself, Mister Kelly. ::He shook the patch:: U.S.S. Cairo. We got ambushed by the Dominion patrolling the Cardie border back in '74. Lost with all hands... well, almost. ::He stared past Tyler, obviously remembering events long passed.:: I was a Security Officer, like you, and it was pure dumb luck that I happened to be preparing to run an EVA drill in the shuttle bay. When the ship got hit the force field went down and I got sucked out with an extra canister of o2 in my hands. ::He stuffed the patch back in his pocket.:: I guess the baddies missed me in the wreckage, I floated for a full day before my suit put me under. Woke up half frozen on a Romulan Warbird. ::Tyler eyed the Colonel cautiously, he'd never heard this story, but he had no reason not to believe him. As the old veteran relived his experience Tyler could see flashes of himself in the Marine's eyes. He still didn't know how he was planning on helping him, but Tyler decided the man had earned his attention.:: Kelly: ::Leaning forward slightly, interested against his will.:: Then what happened? ::Holland waved his hand in Tyler's direction and gave another gruff chuckle.:: Holland: I went through all of this too. ::He patted Tyler on the shoulder with a sad smile.:: I think every man, men like us anyway, is born with the notion that they if they wanted it bad enough, they could be invincible. That if we just trained a bit harder and planned a little better than the rest, we could never possibly die. Then we survive a few crazy missions and it just reinforces the notion that we just might be un-killable by virtue of our own bad-assery. ::He glanced down at his hands then back up to Tyler:: Then we are confronted with something like this and our brains aren't conditioned to handle it; no amount of planning or training can save you when you're in freefall in the cold, dark, infinite expanse. You realize that the indestructible self-image you've created, the legend you've built for yourself to cling to when times get tough is, was, and always will be a complete fallacy. ::He let out a sigh.:: And it hurts. ::Tyler felt his face go red as a wave of embarrassment washed over him. He was never the type to share his feelings openly, but this man he didn't even know had just cracked open his head and poured it's contents out on the small coffee table in front of them. It was true, all of it. He was scared of dying, afraid to let his crew down again and terrified of space itself. Tyler felt like he had a lump in his throat the size of a hand grenade.:: Kelly: I... well...::He gave up on words and nodded slowly:: ::Holland stared at the broken man in the wrinkled gold uniform across from him with the sympathy of someone who had been in this exact place so many years ago. Carefully he began the same pitch given to him by another old Marine just like he was now.:: Holland: You're not a lost cause. The things you have done have mattered. ::He pulled a small PADD from an interior coat pocket.:: You want a family? I can give you as many brothers and sisters as you could ever hope for and you will love them like they were your own flesh and blood. I can give you another chance. You will never be invincible, but I can make you a part of something that is. ::The older man pushed the PADD into Tyler's hands and he glanced at what it was. He saw that it was the necessary paperwork for him to transfer from Starfleet Security to the Starfleet Marine Corps and it was already approved, awaiting only his signature. Tyler brought his gaze up to find Holland watching him expectantly, he knew the Marine had pulled some serious strings to get this done before Tyler scrubbed out of the Fleet completely. It was all pending his successful completion of the grueling Starfleet Marine Basic School, but the fact that Tyler found himself considering it, rather than brushing it off and retreating to the nearest bar like usual, was promising. He gazed at Holland with all the desperation of a man at the end of his rope.:: Kelly: Did it work? ::The old marine smiled and [...]ed his head to the side slightly.:: Holland: You think I'd be here if it didn't? ::He paused to let the words sink in.:: Come on Mister Kelly, lets go make you presentable. ::Surprisingly, Tyler rose from his chair and followed the man out the door.:: ((END FLASHBACK)) ((Starbase 118 - Marine C.I.C.)) ::Tyler was shaken from his memory by the voice of the Bajoran Second Lieutenant he'd met back in the Columbia's Brig.:: Torok: Major. ::She waited for him to look her direction.:: You're needed in holodeck 4 to oversee the Orbital Drop Quals, Sir. ::He rose from his console as he fixed her with a quick smile and nod.:: Kelly: Thank you Lieutenant. ::He kept his smile as he made his way to the holodeck, wondering what Colonel Roderick Holland was doing now, wherever he was.:: ======//////======> Major Tyler Kelly Marine Officer Sb118 Ops O238811CD0
  7. (( Isanapura - San Francisco District)) ((Lunchtime - The day after the Columbia’s return)) :: Before Gazkra could respond, the waitress returned with her drink and set it before Gaz. Gazkra took a sip of her tea, wrinkling her face for a moment and then took another sip.:: Gazkra: Huh. Not bad. Kasun: It it a bit different from what you’re used to. ::Gaz looked up, taking in the station around them. Stuff still wasn’t quite back to normal, whatever normal was. Not having someone nearly destroy the station?:: Gazkra: Still feels weird having all of us assigned here. Not that it’s bad, just- Kasun: Almost like fate? Gazkra: Yeah. Universe as big as it is and we all wind up here. Kind of like the place though. Bet a ship wouldn’t have much Klingon food either. Kasun: It would probably depend on the ship. If they had a decently sized population of Klingon’s the cafeteria would probably provide decent Klingon food. Gazkra: ::tapping her hand on the table.:: Wouldn’t know. Kasun: I’m guessing. :: Shrug:: Ops has been my only posting so far. Gazkra: Same. Wasn’t too surprised; they don’t stick Marines everywhere. Kasun: My training was specifically tailored for a posting on a starbase or embassy, so I doubt I’ll ever be assigned to a ship unless I move up into command. :: Which she wasn’t certain she wanted to do at this point. Best to get the Crisis Response program firmly established first. :: ::Gaz took a swig from her tea. Wasn’t bad, might even have been growing on her.:: Gazkra: What sort of training was that? Not the usual security stuff then. Kasun: No. Starfleet wanted to start up a new security department to handle crisis cases and felt my background made me a good fit for Crisis Response. Gazkra: Huh. Haven’t heard much about crisis response. ::another swig:: Seems like they see enough of them here though Kasun: :: The corner of Ishani’s smile twitched but stayed upward. :: Indeed. Hence why the pilot unit was started here rather than another base. Gazkra: Good to know we have you on it. Hope they won’t keep you too busy. Kasun: :: Ishani laughed. :: Unfortunately I have faint hope for that. We now have a new group of ex slaves to rehabilitate so not busy isn’t going to happen any time soon. ::That was when the server came back, two bowls set atop the tray in her hand. Gaz leaned back in her chair, taking a look at the food. She hadn’t been quite sure what it’d be like, but this seemed...alright? Always felt weird seeing noodles instead of gagh though. Ishani inhaled deeply, taking in the mouth watering aromas as the waitress placed two chinese soup spoons and sets of porcelain chopsticks next to their bowls. This particular curry was quite soupy and used khanom chin rice noodles rather than rice. :: Gazkra: That smells good. So uhh...any trick to eating it? Kasun: :: Picking her own chopsticks. :: Have you ever used chopsticks before? ::Gazkra stared at the sticks...weapons? They weren’t familiar.:: Gazkra: No. What are chopsticks? Kasun: We can get you a fork then. :: She looked at the waitress questioningly who nodded in acknowledgement. :: Waitress: That will be no problem. Gazkra: Can’t use my hands? :: Both Ishani and the waitress blanched at the suggestion. :: Kasun: That’s not a good idea with this dish. Waitress: Yes, it’s far too spicy. I will be right back with your fork. :: If their was a hint of ‘and it’s bad table manners in their tone it was because there was’. While some Thai and Laos dishes could be and were eaten using only your hands, noodle dishes, especially spicy, soupy noodle dishes, were not one of them. :: Gazkra: ::eyeing her meal uncertainly:: That mean drinking it from the bowl’s out too? Kasun: I would try a little bit of the broth first before you make your decision. :: She scooped up a little bit up with her own spoon and sipped in demonstration. The wonderful burn of the red savina peppers mixed wonderfully with the rest of the curry paste’s spices and coconut milk, leaving her mouth both watering in delight and to dilute the peppers’ capsaicin. :: Gazkra: ::Gaz picked up the spoon, holding it awkwardly before scooping up a bit of the broth and taking a sip.:: Not bad. Most of the human food I’ve tried is kind of bland. Kasun: It was named Volcano curry for a reason. :: She grabbed a clump of noodles with her chopsticks and slurped them up. :: Gazkra: ::she gulped down some noodles, then swallowed.:: Is good. Kasun: I’m glad you like them. :: She smiled and picked up a bit of pepper and duck and popped them in her mouth. :: ::Having taken too big of a bite, Gaz paused a bit til she’d swallowed again.:: Gazkra: Yeah, drinking it would have been a bad idea. Kasun: :: Laughing :: Indeed. You don’t need to show off how tough you are for me. Gazkra: ::grinning:: You’re not a Marine, I don’t have to play tough. Kasun: ::Teasingly:: Oh? Perhaps I should let Kro know that you only play tough around the Marines? ::Gaz froze at that, spoon held halfway between the bowl and her mouth.:: Gazkra: Hey, don’t tell Kro I said that! Kasun: :: Smiling:: Fine, fine. I won’t tell Kro. Gazkra: ::she relaxed a little before setting her spoon down:: So, there any other siblings I should know about? Kasun: Well, you’re the third one I’ve ever met so I don’t have a whole lot to say. Gazkra: Third? That’s...a lot. Kasun: Well there’s Taelon of course. I assume Mirra told you about him too? ::Gaz just nodded, her mouth a bit too full of curry to speak.:: Kasun: Yes well he’s very... :: she paused trying to find the right words :: young and uncertain in himself. Gazkra: Isn’t he like...twenty years older than me? ::She took another bite of curry. Wasn’t like she’d talked to the Science nerd much.:: Kasun: He’s full El Aurian, so unlike you he’s not a full adult biologically or culturally despite his chronological age. Gazkra: Oh. Huh. :: Didn’t seem like the moment to ask if that meant she’d age weird. Plus, more curry.:: Kasun: Jian Kuan Yuen is the other one. He’s a Federal Security Investigator so you might end up meeting him sometime through work. Gazkra: ::setting down her spoon.:: That how you met him? Kasun: No. Our first meeting was rather... awkward. :: And she really didn’t want to get into why. :: His job keeps him busy so we mostly only talk occasionally. I imagine he’d be interested in meeting you, he’s been wanting to come out to meet Taelon at some point so having you both here will probably be more encouragement. Gazkra: I’d like that. Still trying to figure out all of this. Kasun: He’d be able to tell you more actually. Jian’s made contact with several of our siblings over the years since we’d first met. Gazkra: ::she paused, looking off into the distance before glancing back to Ishani.:: That’d be nice. I think. Kasun: I can certainly message him and ask if he has time to talk to you and then let you know what he says. ::Gaz slid her chair back from the table, realizing the time.:: Gazkra: I should probably get back to work. They’ve been keeping us busy cleaning up after Captain Hair Gel. :: Ishani watched as Gaz pushed back from the table, smirking at the nickname for their not so dearly departed ex CO. :: Kasun: Understandable. :: She sighed. :: The marines aren’t the only ones stuck with cleaning up his mess. ::Gaz nodded. Seemed like half the station was playing clean-up. Or trying to fix the transporters.:: Gazkra: And, uh, thanks for the info. Kasun: :: Ishani smiled at Gaz. :: You’re welcome. ------------------------------ Lieutenant JG Ishani Kasun MD, PhD Crisis Response Unit Starbase 118 Ops O239306IK0 & PNPC Gazkra Starbase 118 Marine ~Written by~ Lieutenant Aitas Chief Intelligence Officer Starbase 118 Ops O239307A10
  8. (( Isanapura - San Francisco District)) ((Lunchtime - The day after the Columbia’s return)) :: It was a time of families it seemed. Her father and Maxwell’s father were visiting, Aitas had been reunited with her father after far, far too long, and she and Taelon had another sibling on the station that none of them knew they were related to each other, even her father. Gazkra had contacted her less than an hour before she she had been due at their ex-Captain’s first briefing and, given the subject matter, Ishani had to unfortunately beg off meeting her immediately much to, she hopped, both their disappointments. At the very least she had been able to point the girl at their father in the meantime. Hopefully that had gone well. Ishani sipped on her Thai iced tea while she waited for her newly discovered sister to appear. She had chosen Isanapura mostly out of a lack of options, she wasn’t the biggest fan of Klingon food and Ishani doubted her usual go to lunch options of soup and salad would be enjoyable for the half Klingon.:: ::Gazkra stepped into the restaurant a bit nervously; wrinkling her nose up at the sight of all of it. Her visit with Jakarn hadn’t gone badly, but it also hadn’t provided much information on her siblings. And with the mess around the Orion dreadnaught, she’d not exactly had a chance to ask Kro either. So she strode up to the table, her posture as stiff as if she were wearing her dress uniform. Maybe a little stiffer.:: Gazkra: Kasun? Kasun: :: Standing up :: It’s good to finally meet you. :: She gave the girl what she hoped was a reassuring smile. :: ::Gaz just stood there for a moment before she remembered to smile. It might have been a little bit toothy, but it was at least a smile.:: Gazkra: Uhh...thanks. Jakarn-Dad didn’t tell me much. ::She sat down, still a bit stiff.:: Kasun: :: She gave a loud sigh and sunk back into her chair. :: Yeah he wouldn’t. I usually have to pry things out of him. Gazkra: He did say my mom pulled him from a...trash bin? Didn’t get far before Major Tatash wanted to talk to him. Kasun: :: She let out a laugh. :: Really? Seems to be a theme then. Gazkra: He seemed to think he might be arrested. Don’t know why. Kasun: :: Smiling:: Mom caught Dad trying to get into an area in the docks that civilians weren’t allowed into. Gazkra: ::Gaz let out a sharp laugh at that:: Sounds like he does that sort of thing a lot. Kasun: It does seem to be his thing. ::Gazkra paused, looking at the place around them.:: Gazkra: Ummm...any recommendations on food? And he didn’t get arrested. I think. Kasun: Oh I doubt it. :: smirking. :: I would have heard about it if he had. And I would recommend the larb khua mu or any of the curries are good if you like your food spicy. :: Which Ishani definitely did. :: Gazkra: Can’t say I’m going to turn down a challenge. ::a shrug, as she gave Ishani a curious look.:: Didn’t take you as that type, to be honest. Kasun: I love spicy food, I always have. I’m getting their extra spicy red curry that they make with red savina habaneros. :: Her mouth was watering just thinking about it. :: Gazkra: Huh. Kro didn’t mention that. Don’t think I’ve ever had a habanero though. ::It sounded like some sort of small animal, right? Angry one? Maybe.:: Kasun: I doubt it would have come up given the circumstances. :: Ishani’s smile widened at the mention of her boyfriend. :: And you’d remember if you have, they're not the hottest chili pepper out there but they among the hottest of the popular chilies. ::Gaz nodded, pretending that she knew what a pepper was. Or a chili pepper. Some human thing, probably?:: Kasun: Is Kro the only one to tell you non mission or training related information? ::That prompted a grin. Gazkra might not have been the most subtle sort, but she could still manage a few things.:: Gazkra: Other Marines do tell me things. Sometimes have to beat them at arm-wrestling first though. Kasun: Oh? Is that because you like arm wrestling or because the marines have a habit of withholding information. :: Ishani suspected it was the former over the latter:: Gazkra: Hey, Kro started the arm wrestling. ::grinning:: Challenged a group of Klingons to it and then made me stand in for him. Kasun: ::laughing: Really? Doesn’t sound like him. Gazkra: Wasn’t about to let him forget it. Kasun: I doubt he would. ::Gazkra looked down to the menu again. It all looked...confusing. Worse things than spicy though.:: Gazkra: Guess I’ll try whatever you’re having. Can’t be backing down on that. Kasun: ::Laughs :: You might regret that later then. :: Ishani waived to catch the attention of one of the waiters, a young human woman, to come over and take their order. :: Waitress: Are you ready to order? Kasun: Yes, I’d like the Volcano Red Curry with duck. :: After the waitress recorded Ishani’s order she turned to Gazkra expectantly. :: Gazkra: Same for me. ::She had to admit, volcano sounded tough. But no point backing up now. Backing out? Gaz looked over to her sister (sister felt weird) with a grin.:: Waitress: And anything to drink? ::The grin faded.:: Gazkra: I...uh... Kasun: The Thai iced tea is good. :: She held up her drink as an illustration. :: Gazkra: ::relieved:: Yeah, that. :: After the waitress left with their orders Ishani took another sip of her tea before speaking. :: Kasun: So why did you chose Starfleet over the Klingon forces if you don’t mind me asking? Gazkra: Wanted to see the galaxy, I guess. Met a few Marines when I was younger and all that. ::shrugging:: Didn’t seem too odd at the time, I guess. Kasun: You aren’t the only half Klingon I’ve met. Most of them tended to prefer joining the Klingon Defense Force if they decide to pursue a military career over Starfleet. :: She purposefully left out that most of those Klingon hybrids had been her patients. :: Gazkra: Huh. ::she rubbed a hand across her ridged forehead:: Seems like I saw plenty of Klingon space already. Mom’s work took us lots of places. Kasun: Oh? What did she do? Gazkra: Cargo ship. Mostly gagh these days since they got the refrigeration updated. Kasun: Sounds like she’s quite successful. ::Gaz set her hands down on the table and leaned forward.:: Gazkra: So, why’d you join up? Kasun: ::Ishani raised an eyebrow at Gazkra’s aggressive body language. :: I wanted a change from what I’d been doing. . ::Gaz leaned back a little, her expression curious.:: Gazkra: What you’d been doing? Kasun: I’d been a psychiatrist for 60 years and I was getting bored with it all so I wanted to do something different. Gazkra: Long-[...] time, that. Why Starfleet, though? That’s a whole lot of excitement. Kasun: :: Shrug:: My mother had been in Starfleet her entire life and I’d grown up surrounded by Starfleet so I knew what I was getting into as far as the lifestyle. Gazkra: ::she nodded, tapping one hand on the table as she did so.:: Smart. Bet you had plenty of options, though. Kasun: :: The corner of her lip quirked upward. :: It was far more attractive than going back to college for another degree or becoming a professor. ---------------------------------------------------------- Lieutenant JG Ishani Kasun MD, PhD Crisis Response Unit Starbase 118 Ops O239306IK0 & PNPC Gazkra Starbase 118 Marine ~Written by~ Lieutenant Aitas Chief Intelligence Officer Starbase 118 Ops O239307A10
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