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    Ezo: Of course it's them. Because everything involves the blasted syndicate these days. Walk down the street and trip over a pothole? Syndicate. Find out your favorite restaurant is closing? Syndicate. Nearly get blown to pieces in a Commodore's office? ::near growling:: Syndicate. 


    Orions go home!

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  2. Gender-wise I tend to play whichever one suits the character concept better. I don't generally give it much more thought than "does this archetype work better as a male or female?" I haven't really run into any difficulties writing for a non-male character, and I don't personally find their to be much difference in style between the two. 

    2 hours ago, Taelon said:

    As for sexuality, I do tend to struggle to play characters that aren't my sexuality, though it took me a long time to realize that. I'm asexual and haven't ever felt genuine sexual attraction to other people, so honestly I don't quite understand how to portray it and haven't yet found any good resources to help me in that regard. I always try to let a character's sexuality and personality develop as I write them, so they sometimes surprise me in the ways they change from my original plan. 


    This is pretty much the same as me, writing characters experiencing feelings I can't empathise with is very difficult, and being asexual that applies to any sort of romantic or sexual desires. 

    I have written for a character in a lesbian relationship before, and I found it very challenging, if an interesting experience. Most of the romantic scenes between the two were written almost entirely by the other writer, with me chipping in the odd one or two lines here and there provided they weren't too cliched. (My only basis for relationships is from action films, so it's not particularly accurate dialogue) It doesn't really help that I find any sort of intimacy beyond a quick kiss somewhat repulsive, (I have to close my eyes watching sex scenes in films) so writing that kind of closeness with a person is incredibly uncomfortable for me. While I did find the experience enlightening, and am quite fond of the character, I still don't feel anywhere near confident in my writing to portray a relationship past platonic.


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  3. Crowds. Phrik hated crowds. He had only just arrived on the station, and already he was regretting his decision to find something to drink. The Edosian watched from a corner as gaggles of cadets and officers strode past, civilians jostling their way through the thick soup of sentients. The noise was intolerable, and the occasional glance of curiosity directed towards him only exacerbated the issue. Edosians were rarely seen outside their home planet, and their unusual tripedal biology made it very difficult to not stand out. 

    His eye then caught a small, mostly empty cafe some distance away. Phrik let out a long rattling sound of resignation before slinking out of his corner and into the torrent of people. He walked quickly, dodging through the tightly packed crowd. After a few minutes Phrik eventually reached his destination, taking a seat in a darker corner of the small cafe and affixing a pair of small earplugs to his head. Phrik leaned back in the uncomfortable chair, closed his eyes and clicked his tongue a few times in satisfaction. This was better, much better. He sat their for some time, immersed in his own thoughts in the artificial quiet. After a while he let out a long breath, opened his eyes and pulled out a PADD containing his orders. He still hadn't gotten used to the starfleet lifestyle, he doubted he ever would. It all seemed so arbitrary, traditions for the sake of tradition. Rules for the sake of rules. Then there was the ranks. Phrik hated them, he was a doctor, not some clockwork soldier. It didn't help that Phrik had been a Doctor since before most of his superiors had been born. But no, he was just a cadet. In the past several years Phrik had come to loathe that word. There was nothing more insulting to him than having a hundred and twenty years experience in the field of medicine and xeno-biology lumped in with a group of people barely old enough to spell. The amount of metal chunks on his collar had no bearing on how well he could treat a patient. Phrik let out a long rattling breath. But he had endured it, and soon enough it would be over. He'd be on a ship, exploring. Perhaps he'd get to dissect a new species, treat an exotic wound, discover an alien ecosystem. Hells, maybe he'd even get a disease named after him. That was the 'starfleet dream' after all. The PADD in his hand began to flash insistently. The training cruise was due to begin soon. The old doctor clicked his tongue a few times in frustration and stood up, removing his earplugs and letting the overwhelming sound of the crowds once again wash over him. Soon enough he'd have his own sickbay, and maybe then all this hassle would be worth it. On that thought, Phrik stepped back into the street, heading towards the assigned holodeck.

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  4. Hello everyone, my name's Dan, I live just outside Birmingham in the UK. I've been a Trek fan for about as long as I can remember, some of my earliest memories are watching a collection of every TNG episode on old video tapes that didn't work half the time. I'm still in school (few years behind due to health complications), and have spent the past few months improving my writing style from dire to acceptable through role playing on reddit and discord. I'm really looking forward to trying a different format of rp from what I'm used to. I start my training on Monday, hopefully I won't make a complete prat of myself. :) 

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