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  1. I'll be buying this from Modiphius when it comes out. Wish I had kept the old LUG books (The TNG Player's Guide and Way of D'era especially), as they were some of the best written at the time. Decipher was alright. Unfortunately, I just wonder how many people in my own area will or actually know about this. Seattle sucks for non-official/living campaign games, or anything besides D&D to Pathfinder and World of Darkness stuff. Actually they seem to prefer Card (Magic bleh) and Board/War games. Reckon conventional RPGs from before the internet may go the way of the dodo eventually. Mig
  2. May not be the proper Universe, but I'll take it. I know this is similar in some scope to what some of us were hoping for with the original concept of STO, even if in 2D. But bugger all if the kit for this isn't dear to the wallet. Can't afford that, let alone a decent computer. I just hope it's more then a combat simulator? (Doubtful since exploration takes more time and stuff to programme.)
  3. Sorry for necro-ing a few months old poll, but at least it's this year. Well, Riker gave it an actual go. So maybe him?
  4. May not be keen on JJ Trek myself, but I do love the actors from any and all series and movies. (Even ENT.) As you all have stated, Urban's McCoy is so spot-on and wonderful throughout each film. Pegg's my geek hero and I'm glad he helped write Beyond, but his Scotty has just been...whiny? Or is that just me. And not in the good Taysider way. On a different note I'm sad to know Yelchin is gone. Would have liked to seen him do more in the role. My two credits. I'll go hide again. Interesting poll.
  5. Didn't see a thread relating to starting characters, with this subject, so I was curious about it. I'm aware most you (besides NPCs) are all officers who went through the usual Academy process. But, do you have an option for someone that may be prior-enlisted, or who's enlisted or might seek a warrant or commission that way? Reason I'm asking is that your rank chart has enlisted/NCO's and Warrants. Nothing wrong with being an Ensign (if one graduates.), but I was thinking of my own character being enlisted years beforehand, and then choosing to attend the academy, in his backstory.
  6. SB 118 Rubbing his next after the rather long runabout trip from Earth to this sector of space, Tyrlon was feeling the time difference already. Although he arrived a few hours ahead of schedule, he wasn't in a hurry to report in just yet. Something about seeming over-eager wasn't very appealing to him. So, he wondered the starbases main concourse in search of somewhere to sit down and read up on the training ships technical specs. it never hurt to be prepared with some knowledge of the systems, even if it was just a temporary assignment. Finding what seemed to be a small almos
  7. G'day all. Hmm. Seems I'm several years late to this party eh? Used to sim back in the mid 90's before I enlisted and didn't put any effort/time into this. So, excuse me for being very rusty at first. Silly online gaming has spoiled me. There's very little in the way of organised fandom here in the city, so going back to the basics is a good way to keep my interest alive. Even with STO (Aye, I was daft enough to buy a lifetime package before release.) it's just not the same as the old imagination. Although, if anyone plays, I'd be happy to log in again. *shrugs* Anywho. Looks as
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